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Health and safety regulations in the workplace. These regulations are explained with the workplace in mind being our classroom.

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These regulations are explained with the workplace in mind being our classroom. Electricity at Work Regulations 1989- As we have a lot of electrical equipment in our class this law would apply for sure. As we have a lot of computers is our room, wires and we work with a lot of electrical equipment, it is vital that the wires are isolated and that all the electrical machinery have to be in good mechanically shape. The regulation 12 says, "all electrical equipment (except power sources them) must have secure and safe means of isolation from all sources of electrical energy". So this would apply to our class, meaning that all the wires in our class should be isolated. A part of this regulation tells us about the access, space and light and the regulation 15 requires the provision of adequate working space, safe access and adequate lighting to enable work on electrical equipment to be carried out safely, this means that when we are working on electronics or any other electric component, we have to be have to be provided with the appropriate space for the work we are doing, with safe access for what we are using and how we are using it and the appropriate lighting, these safety measures have to be controlled in order to help us doing the work with safety. Personal Protective Equipment at Work Regulations 1992- The PPE applies for most every situation at every working environment. ...read more.


Also we should only use the equipment after receiving specific information and training on how to use it. The equipment needs to have appropriate safety measures like protective devices, markings and warnings. For example, when we are using the pillar drill if it doesn't have the protective guard the pillar drill won't be suitable for work so it would be against this law. Other example is that if we are using something which is flammable it has to have a warning saying that the substance is flammable. Workplace (Health, Safety and Welfare) Regulations 1992- As we are working in a class these regulations will apply for most every aspect in our class. In the section related to lighting it says, "(1) every workplace shall have suitable and sufficient lighting". This means that when we are working in class we have to be provided with enough and appropriate lighting. In this regulation there's also a section related to the temperature one of the regulations in this section says, "(1) during working hours, the temperature in all workplaces inside buildings shall be reasonable"; this implies that when we are working in class, the temperature in class has to be controlled, this means that the temperature can't be too hot neither too cold, so the room needs to have adequate heating and cooling systems. In this same section there's other regulation that says, "(2) ...read more.


Manual Handling Operations Regulations 1992- There are numerous types of construction, and most of them involve manual handling operations and other which do not involve. There are laws which apply to this types of work, such as this one:" (1) Each employer shall-(a)so far as is reasonably practicable, avoid the need for his employees to undertake any manual handling operations at work which involve a risk of their being injured", this regulation implies that employers should prevent his employees whenever it's possible, of doing manual handling operations, for example in construction there are operations be done by manual handling or by using other apparels which would provide a safer way of doing the operation, so it would be the employers responsibility of making his employees completing the operation with the apparels instead of the manual handling. When it's not possible to complete the operation without a manual handling service there measures to be taken to reduce the risk such as this one, "(ii)take appropriate steps to reduce the risk of injury to those employees arising out of their undertaking any such manual handling operations to the lowest level reasonably practicable", this implies that when doing manual handling operations the employer has to make arrangements to reduce the risk. For example in building to prevent the risk the employer could give his employees training so they would be more aware of how to do manual handling operations safely. ?? ?? ?? ?? Unit 14 P1 Wilson Da Vera Cruz 1 ...read more.

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