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How does the design and positioning of Tesco help them to meet the aims of the organisation? Tesco store in Slough

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Operations The old Tesco was built on Wellington Street on a main road. There was also a railway station behind it and a shopping centre in front of it. This made is a prime location because it was in the middle of areas that were largely populated with potential customers. Tesco had a very good road network that lead into them this meant that the delivery of goods was efficient and did not let Tesco down. The impact of Tesco on a small trader was quite big because Tesco has everything under one roof. So customers just come into Tesco and get everything they need which means that the products that they would have usually got from the small trader they already have. The operations department is a fundamental part of the success of Tesco this is because the operations department helps the business lose less profit an example of the operations department doing this is: When the Tesco in Slough became bigger the operations department saw that Tesco was in a good position so they moved Tesco across the road temporarily so that they did not lose any profit while the new Tesco was being built. While the new Tesco was being built the operations department made sure that the pharmacy and petrol station were left open in their original place because this meant that they were meeting the needs of the community. ...read more.


This is because if Tesco's stores are clean and running efficiently then Tesco are giving the customers what they want therefore making the customers happy and loyal to the business. The process of the administration department is to collect, process and store information. This process is used to make things run more smoothly. Below is an example of this process in action: If there is a fire in store then the administration department collect the data about where the fire happened, how it occurred and how many injuries were there. The administration department would then process this information to make sure that a fire like this doesn't happen again. They would then store this information so that they have a record of this information. Tesco and the sole trader must always display rules for internal and external customers. Tesco displays: Where the first aid equipment is Wet floor signs Fire exit signs Maps Fire alarms A sole trader displays: Fire exit signs Where the first aid equipment is Tesco train and update there staff on the health and safety rules; they also update their records so that they know where each employee is at each time. A sole trader does not have as many employees as Tesco so is not able to do what Tesco does. Cleaning and maintenance Cleaning and maintenance is fundamental to any food store and Tesco must always stay clean to make sure that the food they sell does not get contaminated. ...read more.


Customer services "Creating value for customers to earn their life time loyalty" this is what customer service at Tesco is all about? Tesco has been at the forefront of the retail revolution they have gone all out to meet the needs of customers. The ways that Tesco has revolutionalised retail shopping is by introducing non-food products, Internet shopping organic products, having everything under one roof. Not only does Tesco care about what is going on inside the stores. They also focus on helping charities, which shows customers that Tesco cares. The charity that Tesco are focusing on this year is Tommy's baby charity. Tesco is helping this charity by offering: Assisted shopping Baby changing rooms Parent and child parking Baby and toddler club I know that my local store in Slough is meeting these standards of caring for babies. In my local store next to the customer service desk there is a babies changing room. This is evidence of Tesco putting into action what they are saying. Another important features that Tesco offer is question time for their customers. This is an original idea from Tesco where customers get a chance to talk with the mangers of Tesco and discuss what the customers like and dislike about the local store. After the question time it then gives Tesco a chance to improve their store to suite the needs of the customers. Tesco have a code of practice the purpose of this is to inform customers about the products, customer care and customer care policies. ...read more.

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