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How the Human Resources Organistaion helps improve the competitiveness of the business

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A2 - How the Human Resources Organistaion helps improve the competitiveness of the business Competitiveness is very important to any business, as well as 'Alstom' because it is essential for their survival and success. Every department of a business contributes to its competitiveness somehow. Here is how each department within 'Alstom's' Human Resources Organisation helps improve their competitiveness. > Human Resources Planning The Human Resources Planning department is very important to 'Alstom's' competitiveness and success as it is a very big sector that ensures that the business is planned well and runs smoothly. ...read more.


They could also experience the problem of not having enough workers at all due to lack of planning. This would mean that the workload would rest on very few people causing demotivation, which would in turn reduce productivity. It is important that all of these things are kept to very high standards because if they are not, the business's overall efficiency, productivity and reputation would decline. This obviously would in turn, reduce 'Alstom's' competitiveness. Therefore, the Human Resources Planning department is very important, if not essential for this factor. ...read more.


This is because they will lose money due to mistakes and performance being too slow and not good enough. It will also cost them because they will have to spend more money on training them so that they can perform the job capably and to the standards required. Consequently, if 'Alstom' did not have this department this would happen more than often which would again result in the business's overall efficiency, productivity and reputation declining. This in turn, would evidently reduce 'Alstom's competitiveness. Therefore, the Recruitment and Selection is very important, if not essential for this factor. > Performance Management Sarah Straughton 26302 3049 ...read more.

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