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How will the aims and objectives of Virgin change in the future?

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Theme A Introduction For this piece of coursework I am going to be studying the company Virgin, I chose this company because I feel that it has been very successful throughout the years and they have fulfilled the objectives in order to achieve their aims. This company's type of ownership is a public limited company. Virgin is a business that deals with travel, cars, home and pet insurance, personal loans, credit cards, music stores, mobile phones, pensions, cancer and life cover, saving and investment accounts. These are all of the businesses that are incorporated within the company. The Virgin Company has set up aims and objectives to follow in order achieve different things within the company. Their aims and objectives are as followed: - To provide value for money for their customers - Good quality - Brilliant customer services - Innovative - Competitively challenging - Fun Why are aims and objectives important to Virgin? It is extremely important for such a big multi national company like Virgin to set aims and objectives to improve the business in many ways such as profits, sales etc. Virgin has been very successful in meeting its aims and objectives. If there were no aims and objectives a big company like this would not be successful. ...read more.


There are different responsibilities that are needed within this area of business such as: - Buildings and land - Equipment - People - Materials Marketing and sales is the area of business, which manages the advertisements of the products and how the product will look. They also carry out surveys, which the public can complete to find out what the public want. There are different responsibilities that are needed within this area of business such as: - Television Advertisements - Product Layout - Carrying out surveys e.g. through the Internet Customer services is the area of business when employees go on different courses in order to work with the public in the correct way. They need to have good communication skills so the customers would want to come back or go the store. There are different responsibilities that are needed within this area of business such as: - Go on courses - Being people friendly Theme B Technology has helped throughout the years with many businesses for example Virgin. I will be giving examples of how ICT has improved the functional areas within the company Virgin. Using ICT improves finance in the Virgin Company because spreadsheets can be used to calculate figures easily e.g. profits and losses Figures can be put into a database, so written calculations are no longer needed because the database would be able to update the figures that are put into it. ...read more.


Communication is extremely important because if there is no communication the customers will not come because it is not a customer friendly environment. I have explained the strengths and weaknesses of all the functional areas and how effectively they work with Virgin. From what I have explained above this just goes to show that without communication the Virgin Company would fail. Theme B The functional areas within the Virgin Company are: - Human Resources - Research and Development - Marketing and Sales - Administration and IT support - Customer Services - Operations In order to achieve the aims of the Virgin Company loads of communication will have to be made throughout each of the functional area to ensure everything is working properly. These are the type of communications these functional areas can do: - Face to face - Written - Email - Phone - Fax - + Many more Usually face-to-face communication is the best option because everything can be said in full detail there and then. But there is also a disadvantage of face-to-face communication because certain things can be said in a rude manner, which can cause arguments. But for the business to run faster all functional areas use all different types of communication to make things easier for themselves, but either way all information will be passed through and their aims will be met. ?? ?? ?? ?? Jeleesa Applied Business Studies ...read more.

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