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Human Resources Assignment - Sainsburys.

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HUMAN RESOURCES ASSIGNMENT- SAINSBURYS INTRODUCTION Sainsbury is a very large company. It is formally known as J Sainsbury Plc. It is a public limited company, meaning that this company can offer their shares to the public through the Stock Exchange. Sainsbury have many branches throughout Britain and they are well known by the general public. Sainsbury's offer many products such as food, grocery and other household products. They sell other brand name products as well as having a line of their own products on offer, which are often cheaper than the brand names. The Sainsbury's branch used to carry out my research is located: * Hayes Retail Park Coldharbour Lane Hayes UB3 3EX * Contact Number: 0208 561 3321 In this branch there are approximately 450 people employed there, and around 315 of them work part-time, that is about 70%. This means that there are only around 135 people who work there full-time, that is the other 30%. As for gender, there are many more females who work there than males, as a percentage, about 60-70% are female and 30-40% are male. Next door to this Sainsbury's is a Homebase store also run by the people that run Sainsbury's, it is part of the Sainsbury's chain. This store sells products that are needed or can be used to decorate the house or garden and even DIY goods. This is good because Sainsbury's have another way making money other than selling the usual household goods. The Sainsbury's branch chosen is in a very good location, reasons for this are shown below: * The store can be found easily because it is very close to a main road. * There is an easy access for the delivery of the products. * The area is quite big meaning the store is also big. * Also there is a large space for parking. * The surrounding area is quite densely populated, so they would have no problem finding employees for the store. ...read more.


Students working with Sainsbury's work mostly as general assistants, meaning they either work in the aisles, or behind the checkouts. Although some do work in the restaurants and bakeries, butchers and the fishmongers. HUMAN RESOURCES FUNCTION TRAINING AND DEVELOPMENT AT SAINSBURY'S Sainsbury's provide training and development programmes in twelve different areas of the business of Sainsbury's. The twelve different areas are: * Finance * Marketing * Buying * Supply Chain * Quality and Innovation * Human Resources * Formats * Retail * Pharmacy * Property * Summer Placements * Business Placements Each of these areas is explained in more detail below, where the training and development methods are also stated and how a person can join the programmes and where each area will take a person in their career. * Finance Sainsbury's is seen as a major blue-chip company, finance underpins everything they do. When an employee joins the finance department of Sainsbury's they will be involved in key projects and making a difference, right from the start. Sainsbury's believe that they can deliver their promises to their customers and shareholders by building teams of first-class financial talent and acumen. The training here involves obtaining a CIMA qualification, an employee trying to achieve this will be training in a highly supportive environment. They will also have the opportunity to train with other parts of the group and CIMA partners who are part a dynamic finance team at Sainsbury's. The finance graduate development programme lasts approximately three years. The programme provides a sound base that ensures a trainee's professional and career development progress rapidly. A trainee will be studying for a CIMA qualification, at the same time they will also be receiving pay rises to accompany their achievement. They will also receive behavioural and cross-functional training, which could prove very beneficial for trainees. The behavioural training covers a number of off-the -job training activities, these are scheduled throughout the trainees' functional scheme. ...read more.


The impact this has on Sainsbury's is that new employees at Sainsbury's are not receiving efficient and effective training and development because the Finance Department do not want to fund all of these schemes. Therefore staff are not as efficient as they could be if they had received good training and development. The H.R. Dept. could raise the money some other way. The impact of the conflict could be put in front of the Finance department so that they know what is going on. Also that Sainsbury's could be losing out on a lot of efficient and effective production. Conflict between the H.R. Dept's performance-related pay and the Finance Department at Sainsbury's. The impact this has on Sainsbury's is that employees may feel that they are not being rewarded for the efficient work they are producing, then they may start slacking in the work they do. This will therefore slow down Sainsbury's production. If the Finance Department at Sainsbury's still do not agree with performance-related pay then the H.R. Dept. could find and introduce new methods of rewarding staff for good and efficient performance, e.g. extra holidays, promoting to a higher position, etc. Conflict between the H.R. Dept. and Sainsbury's management. The impact this has on Sainsbury's is that disagreements on the hiring off new employees results in their being a loss of possibly good employees, this therefore results in the loss of production. To resolve this the H.R. Dept. and the management at Sainsbury's could form quality circles with staff from other departments who could all give their opinions and views on the hiring of a new employee, and whether they think that that employee will be suitable to work for Sainsbury's. Conflict between the Internal Labour Market and Sainsbury's Finance Department. The impact this has on Sainsbury's is that people may not want to work for Sainsbury's because of the high amounts of pay that are provided elsewhere. Loss of jobs. To resolve this the Finance Department at Sainsbury's could increase the pay wages of employees so as they are competing with other employers, and keeping their existing employees. ...read more.

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