Human Resources Department

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The Human Resources department deals with recruitment and the welfare of people who work at Sainsbury's. A human resource at Sainsbury’s does not involve recruitment and training, but it also includes induction, motivation, payment of salaries and career planning and equal opportunities policy. This is because the equal opportunities policy ensures that all applicants at Sainsbury's should be treated the same way. This function also involves discrimination legislation acts and disciplinary matters. Training and development is a key factor for Human Resources. This is because the Human Resources department believes that all staff should be motivated and fully trained. This is important for Sainsbury's because Sainsbury's would gain a good reputation and a good image. This type of department is very important to any type of organisation especially to Sainsbury's. To be successful at Sainsbury's, Sainsbury's will need the staff to be committed to the meetings of their aims and objectives. The job of Human Resources department is to recruit, develop and retain quality staff.

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How the human resources department helps Sainsbury’s meet their aims and objectives.

The human resources will have various jobs to do within the Sainsbury’s store I am looking at. One of the biggest jobs the human resources does is deal with the staff within the store and see that they are happy and see that they are doing things properly. The human resources department can helps Sainsbury’s meet their objectives by:

Training staff: it is important that a company has workers that know what they are doing and workers that are trained to do different jobs. The ...

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