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In this essay I will describe the main purpose, ownership, size and scale of each of the following business namely, Comet, CryproFood, BBC and Age Concern.

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Task 1 P1 Exploring Business Purposes Introduction In this essay I will describe the main purpose, ownership, size and scale of each of the following business namely, Comet, CryproFood, BBC and Age Concern. Comet Comet is a national retail electrical organisation. Their main purpose is to provide a goods and service to their customer. They provide goods such as Television, DVD and computer. The services they provide include provide online, delivery and installation. They sell their good and service at profit charge customer for buying or using their product or service. To stay in business the organisation must make a profit. The seller will therefore set a price which will enable a profit to be made. Ownership Comet is quite different from the above organisations. It is a public limited company or plc, meaning that its ownership is available to the public by the offer of shares for sale. And Comet group plc is wholly owned subsidiary of kesa electrical plc. The kesa group is a retailer of domestic good s (DEGS) and furniture operating in seven European countries. Advantage and disadvantages An advantage do this business is that more money is invested into the business this helps the business to develop quickly and increase business. ...read more.


more income and a scale of operation are only operates throughout London and with the warehouse in area Tottenham, Leyton and Enfield with warehouse in different borough this give the business fame to the public which could be increase to their customer British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) The BBC is the largest broadcaster in the world. The price charging BBC use is at cost, they charge their customers through the television licence scheme. They use at cost price because BBC is funded by television licence fee and charge United Kingdom household using equipment cable of recoding and/or a receiving live television broadcasts. The level of the fee is set by the UK Government. The British Broadcasting Corporation is a body it exists: serve the public interests with a mission to inform educate and entertain Corporation use tax from the government and much made for customer like to be public. They use at cost price because charges enough to recover the amount spent without making a profit and by the government charge more customers and BBC get at cost from licence has been made. Ownership In terms of ownership, the BBC is run as a public corporation, or body, and is overseen by the government on our behalf. ...read more.


Their price charging is at cost for free from member of the public they also provide free service as in helping the older. Ownership Age concern is voluntary organisation. Term age concern is a partnership and which has no real owned in the charity but is partnership. Age concern for older people that offer housing home improvement agencies (HIAs) and there may be scope for local authority home ownership service to work in partnership with agencies on leaseholder as the age home ownership service. The age concern is partnership with the NHS they provider of service to older people. Advantage and disadvantages A charity organisation has a range of advantage: an advantage for this business is that the worker receive special discount on specific item thy buy and they pay a reduced tax rate and received money from NHS. There are no disadvantages for that organisation their main aim to help the older, not to make money and older people need help. Scale and size Age concern national scales of operation are only operation is throughout the United Kingdom. Age concern like many other charities it has a minimum of paid staff. And size of the age concern as an organisation small. ?? ?? ?? ?? 1 ...read more.

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