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Questionnaire 1. Are you the owner of this newsagent? Yes [x] No [ ] 2. Are you the only worker in this shop? Yes [ ] No [x] If yes go to question 4, if no go to question 3. 3. Who else works with you? Friend's [ ] family [x] Public you employed [ ] 4. Is this a family business? Yes [x] No [ ] 5. What are your main aims and objectives for this business? My main aims and objectives are to survive and make a prophet. Introduction I have been told as part of my coursework to investigate on two contrasting businesses off my choice. One has to be a large business and one has to be a small business. I chose Sainsbury's as my large business, which is a supermarket. Sainsbury's ownership is a plc and provides goods for the public, they provide frozen foods, snacks, meals, alcohol, junk food, equipment for kitchen etc. Sainsbury's activities are carried out by the internet, deliveries by lorry's, saver centres etc. For my small business I chose a newsagent, the ownership of this newsagent is a sole trader, it also provides goods for the public e.g. snacks, drinks, cigarettes, small meals etc. My sole trader carries out his activities by himself. ...read more.


The research and development are concerned with technological and scientific developments which can improve the product in Sainsbury's for the future. Newsagent The newsagent has no functional areas because he is a sole trader and sole traders do everything by themselves for their business. Key Customers And Competitors Sainsbury's Sainsbury's main competitors are sole traders, large supermarkets such as Tesco, Safeway etc. They are the main competitors because they sell the something's as Sainsbury's. Their main customers are people who buy shares on the stoke market and normal customers who shop in Sainsbury's daily. They compete against sole traders and large supermarkets because they might be more advanced than them, they might sell products cheaper then them or offer better services. Newsagent The sole traders competitors are other sole traders and their main customers are the local people. The owner of the sole trader has to be friendly and nice to those customers so that they come more often, and has to provide the best quality in food and the products he sells. He has to compete against other sole traders because they might use various strategies to get more customers. Environmental Law Sainsbury's Sainsbury's supermarket has hygienic requirements, they have their own big bin. A worker collects the rubbish and then goes and throws it in their big waste bin and then it's disposed properly. ...read more.


focus on different tasks and then specialize those tasks so that they perform the tasks really well and meet their aims and objectives. At the same time everybody is doing different types of work so the business operates efficiently. Newsagent The newsagent does not have any functional areas but while he is at work his wife on the other hand at the same time is doing all the paperwork, which then makes it easier for the owner because when he goes home he doesn't have to do it. Improvements By The Communication Methods Used By Each Business Sainsbury's Sainsbury's functional areas should have a representative to attend weekly meetings with other representatives from other functional areas to ensure communication between the functional areas. In every functional area someone should have a walkie talkie for assistant help in any crisis, e.g. if a customer spills something then they could call for assistant and then that assistant could come and clean it up as soon as possible so other customers wont see. Newsagent The newsagent owner and his wife talk about the business informally at home, e.g. over dinner or while watching TV together. To improve communications they could set aside 15 minutes each day to specifically discuss about the business. The owner should have regular business chats with his brother and nephew as they help in the business sometimes. ...read more.

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