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Investigating Cameron Balloons.

Extracts from this document...


UNIT 1 - INVESTIGATING BUSINESSES - PORTFOLIO A1 Cameron Balloons The first business I have chosen is Cameron Balloons. I have chosen this business because it seems interesting to me about investigating a hot air balloon manufacturer. Activity Cameron Balloons manufacture Hot Air Balloons, Inflatables and also Airships, which are also known as Blimps. Cameron Balloons are also known for their special shaped balloons, which they created. Cameron Balloons have diversified into making medical products for hospitals and nursing homes. Jim Howard from Cameron Balloons and surgeon Harry Espiner teamed up to make Espiner Medical Products Ltd, which were supplied with materials by Cameron Balloons. One of their medical products is called 'Laparoscopic Sacs', or 'Lap Sacs' in short. They help with tissue retrieval. They also produce hyperslide transfer sheets which easily help transfer patients from wheel chairs to beds. This means that Cameron Balloons operates in the secondary sector, because they do not get raw materials themselves, but they manufacture the materials and sell them. They have also diversified into making medical products and supply hospitals. Other businesses in this sector include: * Aerospace manufacturing * Car manufacturing * Clothing industry * Electronics * Engineering * Energy industries * Metalworking * Software engineering * Telecommunications Industry * Tobacco industry * The main customers involved with Cameron balloons would be hot air ballooners * The main competitors involved would be other hot air balloons manufacturers (See D1 - Cameron Balloons External Influences - Business Competitors for a list of cameron balloons' worldwide competitors) * Cameron balloons only used to make hot air balloons just like any ordinary balloon manufacturer. In 1975, Cameron balloons began making special shaped balloons. Cameron balloons have also recently began making medical products * When Cameron balloons began making special shaped balloons, they became the biggest manufacturers of hot air balloons. They also expanded by diversifying into making medical products Location Cameron balloons' location is in St. ...read more.


B1 I will be describing three functional areas at Richer Sounds. The three functional areas I will be describing are: * Store Operations * Marketing * Customer Service Store Operations The head of the store operations is John Clayton, the operation and training director. He gets help from employees working in operations, distribution, the store service and repairs, stock control and Hi-Fi Direct. Some of the responsibilities of store operations are: * Setting each store's budget * Checking that all the stores achieve their targets and taking action if targets aren't being met * Communicating with stores * Deciding the minimum staffing level * Sorting out any problems with employees * Sorting out any other problems * Checking orders of stock * Organising store visits * Checking that store managers undertake health and safety risk assessments * Helping store managers and employees * Making stores suitable for the area that they are in. Marketing The marketing director is Claudia Vernon. The things that she does with the employees under her control do can be split into 4 main categories. These are: * Marketing * Design * Point of sale * Their website Customer Service John Clayton is the director of customer service, who is also the operations and training director. These are some of the things they have for customer service: * Knowledgeable and friendly staff * A national call centre * A corporate sales section * Mail order and web sales * An order line for free catalogues * Specialist customer service staff * A service and repairs section * Well laid out, welcoming stores with easy access * Demonstration rooms * Pets welcome policy * Competitive prices * 100% satisfaction guaranteed or money back * New products by known manufacturers * Full access to technical back-up and spare parts * Computerised stock control system * Web access in stores * Part-exchange scheme * A clear product key code * All repairs covered by a three month warranty * Till receipt customer questionnaire ...read more.


that richer sounds will have to pay more for supplies and will have to sell their products at more expensive prices if they want to keep getting the same amount profit * An increase in government tax would mean that richer sounds would have to pay more for supplies and so they would have to sell their products at more expensive prices if they want to keep getting the same amount of profit * If there is a large amount of unemployment, then richer sounds can let go of the employees that aren't doing their job properly, and they could get better employees. They could also make new jobs to make space for more employees. If there is a low amount of unemployment, then richer sounds will have to hold onto their employees and will have to train them if necessary, which will mean that it will cost time and money Environmental Constraints * Richer sounds don't allow any sound systems to be played in the store as someone could be affected and may complain or leave the store. This doesn't just include customers, as employees could be affected as well. People with hearing disabilities could also be affected. That is why if a customer wants to listen to a sound system, they have to go to a demonstration room, which is sound proof, to listen to it. Richer sounds help to protect peoples hearing by having warnings in their stores and also by selling ear-plugs. * Richer sounds also try to keep waste pollution low. They accept old sound systems as part exchanges for their products. This helps keeping customers' waste low as well as putting the systems to good use. Cardboard and wood which aren't needed are recycled * Lights, heating and all equipment are turned off at the end of the day so richer sounds don't contribute much towards global warming * Electric forklift trucks are used at the warehouse to prevent air pollution ?? ?? ?? ?? Mohammed Ravat 1 ...read more.

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