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Is Dyson product or market oriented?

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Is Dyson Product or Market Oriented? History In 1979, James Dyson bought a vacuum cleaner. However, various faults developed after some time, and so he resolved to one day create a better product. He did exactly this, and opened the company Dyson in 1992. Since then, he has created some of the most advanced technologies the world has seen. Product Portfolio Dryer The Dyson hand dryer is promoted by the company as reducing one's carbon footprint, using only clean air to dry your hands and needing only 10 seconds to do so. ...read more.


Thus, they considered the environment more not just to make the product the best it can be, but also in order to meet consumer's needs. Fan and Heater The fans and heaters that Dyson produce are also different from their competitors. The fans are bladeless, and the heater contains no visible heating elements, so reduce air buffeting and increase the safety of the product. Instead, they project a stream of smooth air into the room. This product is much more product oriented. ...read more.


The use of new technologies to improve an existing product is an element of a product-oriented products, but because these technologies are used as a result of feedback from customers on cleaners from other companies makes the product also become rather market-oriented. Conclusion Overall, we found that Dyson is a more product-oriented company. We found this because when looking at the various products that they provide, and weighing up the elements of them, there were more elements of product-orientation. We found that Dyson is much more likely to push much-developed existing products into the market than producing products which are then immediately pulled into the market, and so the company is product-oriented. ...read more.

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