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Is There Scope For a New Retail Outlet In Alsager?

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Is There Scope For A New Retail Outlet In Alsager? Content 1. Title Page 2. Contents 3. Market Research 4. Questionnaire 5. Survey Results 6. Survey Results (Continued) 7. Census Data 8. Competition Research 9. Competition Research (continued) 10. Location 11. Planning Permission 12. Planning Permission (continued) 13. Planning Permission (continued) 14. Cost Benefit Analysis: Social Costs & Benefits 15. Cost Benefit Analysis: Private Costs & Benefits 16. Conclusion. Section 1 Market Research Introduction Market research is the process of gaining information about customers, competitors and market trends through collecting primary and secondary data. We will need to conduct market research because it will help us to understand the market in a better way and this will helps us find a gap in the market for our business to fill and maximize profitability. Primary data is the information that has been gathered for a specific purpose through direct investigating such as observation, surveys and through experiment. The problems involved in recording primary research are that it can be difficult to get a good sample of potential customers. Secondary data is the data you get from Internal sources- Such as sales reports, invoices, accounts. Here are some other examples of secondary data: Government- Published statistics, such as consumer spending figures; reports such as Monopolies and Merges Commission Reports The media- reports in newspapers, magazines, on radio and on television Trade associations- statistics or reports published ...read more.


CPUs Cyrix MII P333, 333Mhz �28.49 AMD K6-2, 500Mhz �39.99 Socket 370 CPUs Cyrix MIII, 500Mhz �36.75 Cyrix MIII, 550Mhz �44.99 Intel Celeron P766, 766Mhz �59.99 Intel Celeron P800, 800Mhz �67.00 Intel Celeron P850, 850Mhz �84.99 Intel PIII, 866Mhz �164.99 Intel PIII, 933Mhz Socket A AMD Duron, 800Mhz �62.49 Duron, 850Mhz �72.49 Duron, 900Mhz �75.99 AMD Athlon, 900Mhz �82.49 Athlon, 1200Mhz �99.99 Athlon, 1400Mhz �164.99 Mother Board MSI5187 Super Socket 7, Micro ATX, Onboard Video / Sound, 2 x USB Ports �74.99 MSI6309 Socket 370, Full ATX, Onboard Sound, AGP Slot, 2 x USB Ports �89.99 ABIT ST6 Socket 370, Intel 815 Chipset, Onboard Sound �109.95 Elite P6VXA Socket 370, Full ATX, Onboard Sound �72.00 MSI 850 Pentium 4, Onboard Sound �190.00 Elite K7 VZA Socket A, 266Mhz FSB, Onboard Sound �83.49 Elite K7 AMA Socket A, DDR / DIMM Memory, 266Mhz FSB, Onboard Sound �82.99 MSI 6340 Socket A, Micro ATX, Creative Sounds �130.00 MSI K7 Master Socket A, DDR Memory, 266Mhz FSB, ATA 100 �159.99 ABIT K7 200 Socket A, 200Mhz FSB �124.99 This price list shows the prices we will have to compete with. Dark Haven 68f, Crewe Rd Alsager Stoke-on-Trent Staffordshire ST7 2HA Tel: 01270 877070 Here is a list of our other local competitors they are mainly within a 15-mile radius of Alsager. ...read more.


The Employer chooses who they work with and can therefore directly control the caliber of the staff. NB All of the above can equally be a cost - You are entirely responsible! Conclusion Alsager does not have the scope for a new retail outlet. The ages of the residents of the Congleton area, which includes Alsager, are shown by the Census reports above. These appear to show a high proportion of elderly residents who would not on the whole be buyers for our products. The high proportions of young people are probably Students who are not notorious for having disposable income. The number of people employed in Alsager is insufficient to support the shop. Most of the working Population commute to work in the Potteries, Manchester or Crewe. Purchases made by these would be made in cities, i.e. Hanley, Manchester or Chester or the nearby Crewe which has a minimum of 6 computer / game shops. There is also a Computer Warehouse on Radway Venture Park and there is already a Supplier in Alsager that appears to be well established. The cost of competing with them would be high - prices would need to be lower of the quality of service would need to be very special to attract customers away from them. In Conclusion, although the young people in Alsager would like the idea of another shop, they have not got the income to support the business, and those who have, would shop elsewhere and therefore the venture should be abandoned. 1 ...read more.

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