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It is common known that "voluntary organisations work for the benefit of the community, not to make a profit or to meet any st

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Barkhill House Voluntary organisations: It is common known that "voluntary organisations work for the benefit of the community, not to make a profit or to meet any statutory obligation. They do this by acting as advocates and delivering services. They often involve sections of society whose needs are not met by the private or public sector. Most voluntary organisations are working to promote equality of opportunity in some way" (National Council for voluntary Organisations, 1990, p: 1) "Voluntary ought to mean simply some activity or undertaking, offered in an open and generous spirit and given freely without any hint of coercion" (Heginbothman, 1990, p: 3) Barkhill house-Aim One such voluntary organisation is the Barkhill House. It is a charity that aims to help the frail elderly of Newtown and make their lives better as much as possible while remaining in their own homes. The Barkhill house Day care centre Club started in 1980 and today continues to be successful by the fact that the number of elderly that applies for membership is continually increasing. How the idea of this voluntary agency came up? In 1980, Newtown's welfare committee decided that they wanted to do something for the old people instead of the lunch clubs and old people's clubs in the town so the idea of some form of day centre came up. Money came from social services and funded the two part time organisers in the North and the South of the town. What the club actually do? This club has a programme of therapeutic activities such as dominoes, bingo, and movement to music, quiz shows, arts and crafts, and sing-along. Computers and parties contribute to the members' stimulation of interest. The fitter elderly can enjoy facilities such as indoor bowling, tea dances, woodwork; keep fit, dressmaking and an art class because in addition to the main purpose to help the frail elderly they must use the space within the centre. ...read more.


> If people are new to the area or they have come to the area quite recently, volunteering will help them to socialise, meet other people and make new relationships. > Young people can gain experience which may help them in their future employment, especially if this employment is related to the work that they will do as volunteers in the club. > People who feel deprive and lonely can be motivated to join the club by volunteering. Through this movement they will come in contact with other people and they will feel better. They will be able enjoy the sense that they are useful, that they can offer. > Some people can be motivated by the fact that someone in their family suffered or was in similar position as the frail elderly. So they will understand the situation of the elderly more than anyone else and they will be more willing and able to help them. > The committee can pass the message that elderly people are humans who need support and help and if someone volunteers to offer help, he or she will experience the giving of beneficence and he/she will also get satisfaction and happiness from seeing other people happy. What volunteers can do if they come to the club? After suggesting ways in order to motivate people to volunteer in Barkhill house, I was asked to make some recommendations what these people can do if they come to the club. The range of activities that volunteers can do can include: "Check up visits to the more vulnerable elderly people, providing stimulation and moral support, small scale rehabilitative activities, providing meals and encouraging the old person eat, and boarding our clients in their own houses for short periods". (Hatch, 1983, p: 144) Volunteers can help the members of the club to their seats, give to them a cup of coffee or tea, or wash up coffee/tea cups. They can also chat to members join in a game of dominoes, bingo, etc. ...read more.


They begin to see what is better of achieving a better future. They are co operating with each other; as such changes can be better achieved by co operation and not by an individualistic effort. Through co operation there is more safety about future development. People are united and act for the benefit of all, and not for an individualistic benefit. There are opinions and contribution for achieving improvement, become means of generating hope for an effective improvement. (Vaines, 1990) It is obviously that eco-centric philosophy supports co-operation for the benefit of all. As it was stated above, in the Barkhill House, nothing can be effective enough, if there is no co-operation between all the people who are related to the club. If there is a common effort for the resolving the problems that are related to staff, volunteers, finance and so on, this effort will have a better result. Based on this fact, the committee decided to promote a general effort in order to face the current problems, and only if this effort has some results, it will decide whether or not to expand Barkhill House. Barkhill house is a voluntary organisation that offers to the community and it must not be neglected. We must have in mind that voluntary organisations are very useful in a social welfare. They can offer personal services to individuals directly, something that other groups of people may not be able to offer. For example they can offer residential care for special categories of people or financial help. Secondly they may provide "background services" for example information about training and local groups. Finally it is the social advocacy, which may change negative attitudes for achieving something good, or give counselling. It is obviously that Barkhill house as a voluntary organisation has a lot to offer and it must not be left to be destroyed. That is why, after the end of the meeting, the committee decided that it is necessary to try promoting the achievement of the solutions that have been made to the meeting, for the sake of Barkhill House. ...read more.

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