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Jobs within the tourism industry.

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Jobs within the tourism industry Introduction The travel and tourism industry is one of the faster growing industries in the world with over 50,000 jobs being created every year. This shows due to amount of employment this trade has created by the year 2007 there will be another 300,000 jobs created. The industry provides a wide variety of employment both direct and indirect jobs which will cater for people of all ages, skills and abilities. The nature of the industry will mean that many companies would need staff over the high seasons known as seasonal or temporary staff. Some jobs can also involve unsociable hours such as evenings or weekends. Travel Services Jobs available Jobs within the travel services include: * Agency clerk * Tour Operator * Resort Representative * Travel agency Manager * Administration * Reservation clerks etc Job Description and Working conditions The Representative is the primary source of help and information for guests, dealing with any immediate problems arising in resort such as accident or injury. The representative is responsible for welcoming guests and briefing them on the resort, ensuring the hosting in the chalets is of the highest quality, and will accompany passengers on the transfer coach between airport and resort. ...read more.


Taxi drivers usually work shifts involving day, evening and weekend work usually unsociable hours, within a confined environment. Skills and qualifications Cabin attendants foreign languages, a pleasant appearance, customer service skills and communicational and organisational skills. Most air companies will only employee people over the age of 21. Taxi drivers need good communication skills, able to remain calm at difficult times and a high level of driving skill. The skills and qualifications depend in the job and the level of employment. Accommodation and Catering Jobs available Jobs within Accommodation and catering can be very varied from working away in a cruise ship to working with a local pub other jobs within the area can include: * Receptionist * House keeper (manager) * Chef * Waiter * Hotel porter * Bar person etc Job Description and Working conditions The Housekeeping assistant is responsible for the day-to-day operation of the Resorts Housekeeping Department. The essential duties include responsibility for the day-to-day cleaning of public areas and accommodation, laundry, bed linen, banqueting linen and staff uniforms. Working conditions include working long, irregular unsociable hours and shift work. A job as a Bar person within a resort hotel may often involve waiting on tables, bar work and cleaning within the restaurant and bar. ...read more.


The employee would also have a willingness to work long unsociable hours especially within the high season. The skills and qualifications depend in the job and the level of employment for example a GVQ in travel and tourism may be required in a higher level of employment. Tourism Support and Information Promotion Jobs available Jobs within tourism support and information promotion include jobs within the RTB (regional tourist board), TIC (tourist information centres), and LA (local authorities) jobs within these areas can include: * Information staff * Tourist information assistant * Standards officers * Administration staff * Marketing staff * Research officers etc Job Description and Working conditions A Tourist information assistant is required to provide tourists within information about attractions etc within the area and promoting the area by giving tourists free leaflets on the attractions and facilities around the destination other responsibilities may include advising tourists about places of interest, providing directions, prices and opening times of facilities. And may often Book accommodation and tickets (e.g. theatre or football) for tourists. Working condition are Office based and often work with computers these are similar to any office work. Skills and qualifications Skills and qualifications in which are needed to work within this section are ICT skills, marketing and sales experience, customer care skills language qualifications may be required and an NVQ in travel services ad tour guides may also be required depending in the level of employment. ...read more.

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