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List the four main responsibilities of Human Resources

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List the four main responsibilities of Human Resources * Human resource planning * Recruitment and selection * Training and development * Performance management Human resource planning Businesses need to plan carefully to ensure they have the right number of suitable employees for their needs. To do this they need good understanding of the labour market in the area s where they operate. ...read more.


the business * Changing job roles within the business * Filling vacancies created by registrations, retirements or dismissal * Internal promotions They understand that the recruitment process can be costly in terms of resources devoted to the process and cost associated with recruiting poor-performing staff. Training and development It is important by the contribution made by training and the development to the competitiveness of the business, and the need for businesses to invest resources in training and development programmes. ...read more.


Training and development can enhance the performance of individuals and possibly even groups of employees. The method businesses use to manage the performance of their employees are: * Performance reviews and appraisals * Peer evaluation * Target-settings for individuals and groups * Measuring individual and group output or production * * * * ...read more.

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