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market research

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Marketing is the process used to make it as easy as possible to get the potential customer to buy your product or use their service. Market research is researching what people think about products and services. Market research is researching what e.g sells the best. You benefit from the research. Market research is either primary or secondary. Primary research is finding information that doesn't exist already. An example of primary research is questionnaires, telephone surveys, product resting and working with consumer groups. Advantages are that it provides data that is up to date, relevant and specific to you products. Secondary research is useful for looking at the whole market, and analysing past trends to predict the future. It's research on information that already exists. It involves looking at things like market research reports, or magazines and newspapers. Advantages are that it's cheaper than primary research, the data is found easily and it's instantly available. I will be using primary research as I will be looking for original information. I have rejected secondary because the information I would gather would be of existing cafes, so there would be no point because I would be basing my caf� on other cafes. ...read more.


....................................................................................................... This will give tell me if people are happy with what cafes are today, and if I should make my caf� original, or if I would have more customers if I make my caf� similar to present cafes. 17. What would you like to see changed? ............................................................................................................................................................................................................. By having ideas of what people want, I can apply it to my business to attract more customers. These were the results to my questionnaire. I asked 10 people of different ages and back rounds. 1. What do you look for in a caf�? From these results, I gathered the four main points that people look for in a caf� are that they have reasonable prices, a relaxed atmosphere, good quality food and drinks and that they are clean. Out of just these points, the fundamental point for customers is good quality food and drinks. So to attract more customers, I will have to sell good quality food and drink. I also aim to have a relaxed atmosphere and for my caf� to be completely safe and clean. 2.Do you work in the centre of town? Yes No 3.Do you make lunch from home? Yes No Most people do make lunch from home, but there are still a fair amount who buy from cafes in town. ...read more.


They may want a traditional normal caf�. 18. What would you like to see changed? Not one person wrote anything for this question, which means no one is aware of anything they want changed. Summary I have learnt a lot from doing this questionnaire. It has given me an insight to what people want and it is a useful way to find out how to get lots of customers. By looking at what the people I will be selling to want and by letting them have a say, It means I can use what they have said and actually put the information to use to attract more customers. I have learnt many things on what the customers will want. I have found out who are my prime competitors, I have found out that hot drinks are the most popular and wanted product, I have found out that good quality food and drinks are the most important to people. I will put this information I have found out, along with everything else, into account and this will help me to build a successful business. For future, I could improve my questionnaire by asking more people, because I only asked 10 people which isn't really a big range, and I could ask more questions. Sophie Truman Coursework 4 Market Research ...read more.

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