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Marketing Plan of Squench

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Marketing Plan Executive Summary Squench is a flavored drink that gives the refreshing taste of watermelon and quenches one's thirst. Squench is not your typical flavored drink for it is not only a thirst quencher but also at the same time an energy drink. It contains electrolytes which gives extra strength. Electrolytes are important because they are what your use to maintain voltages across their cell membranes and to carry electrical across themselves and to other cells. Kidneys work to keep the electrolyte concentrations in our blood constant despite changes in your body. It also contains the vitamins and minerals found in watermelon which makes it also suitable for persons aging 40 up. For watermelon is a valuable source of vitamin C and lycopene , which can help prevent cancer. In fact, most melons are rich in potassium, a nutrient that may help control blood pressure, regulate heart beat, and possibly prevent strokes. Squench is really a healthy drinking water that everyone would love. Strength Squench can build on three important strengths: 1. Refreshing Product. Squench would provide the consumers 'with the refreshing taste of watermelon. Aside from being flavored, Squench is a thirst quencher and at the same time an energy drink since it contains electrolytes which give energy. 2. Safe and healthy. Our product contains the vitamins and minerals found in a watermelon. Also the process and the ingredients used are 80%natural. 3. Pricing. Squench is affordable; its price is lower than any other flavored drinking water. ...read more.


Television * A 30 second commercial * A game show sponsored by the company January to June (6 months ) 400 000 b. Radio * A 30 second commercial January to June (6 months) 300 000 c. Newspapers * A one-page section advertisement January to June (6 months) 250 000 d. Print Media * Printed materials like posters, tarpaulins, streamers, etc.) * To be put in various malls, department stores, schools/universities and also in public places like in plaza. January to June (6 months) 200 000 e. Sponsorship * Sports events like university club fairs * taking part in the provincial activities like in festivals for publicity June to July 150 000 f. Caravans * To be done in the central areas of the province * Would last for 2-3 hours * Done in a holiday or a special event being celebrated One month (depends on the government's declaration of holidays) 200 000 II. Sales Promotions a. Samples and free taste * To be done in various malls, stores, universities, public places, etc. July (One month) 50 000 b. Raffles * Connected with that of the Radio and television commercials One month 100 000 c. House to House operations * Employ people to go house to house to offer the new product. Also to include incentives like selling product bundles and low prices but quality product. Three months 50 000 d. Quantity discounts * 10% discount in the total amount for a minimum purchase of 1000 large size bottle of squench, 5000 medium size bottle and 10000 small sizes. ...read more.


Advertisements 4 000 000 Direct Labor 1 200 000 Factory Overhead 2 000 000 Raw Materials 2 300 000 Others 500 000 Total 10 000 000 Break-even analysis The break-even analysis indicates that the company needs (amount) in a semi-annual revenue to match total expenses. Break-even (Total Sales Forecast - Total Expenses) 5 000 000 Control System The company's way of making sure that everything is going as planned is first evaluating the effectiveness and efficiency of the management. Making sure that every important information is disseminated and implemented. In managing a company, monitoring system is also essential. In this way we can see that everybody is doing their part. Not only do we monitor the management but the production as well. We must see to it that the quantity and quality is maintained for consumer satisfaction and of course to live up to the company's name/image. Lastly, Feed backing system is also important because through feedbacks from customers, we can improve the quality of our products and all that needs improvements including the management. DISTRIBUTION REVIEW WHOLESALERS RETAILERS Advantages * sales on bigger bulks give more profit on shorter time * more products are sold to the market * lesser damage and delivery liability * needs lesser quantity control disadvantages * bigger liabilities when goods get lost or damaged on transit * needs constant quantity control * lesser products are sold to the market * profit takes a lot more time to be boosted because of smaller bulks ...read more.

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