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Monitoring and evaluating customer service

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M3 In this coursework, I will explain why monitoring, evaluating the customer service is important, and how this improvements helps the customer and the organisation. Improving the customer service is important to the customer, as it will make it easier for them to use the store. Improving the customer by making it more consistent will help most customers get satisfaction. It will make it easier for the customer to be able shop safely as the employees would be trained in a certain way so they would not sell any products restricted to the people below certain age. Training will help employees have good knowledge of the products, which will help the customer to make choice more accurately. ...read more.


Feedback can be given using the comment card. These comment cards is an effective way to aware the organisation of what customer needs. Customer service can be evaluated using mystery shoppers. This is an effective way to improve customer service for customer because it creates a situation that could occur. Mystery shoppers could create the most critical situation, which could help test the customer service, and also to see how this situation could be dealt with to satisfy the customer. Evaluating and monitoring will help the organisation in many different ways. Firstly, monitoring and evaluating the customer service will help the organisation know what part of customer service needs improvement? Mystery shopper is helpful to make sure the staff is consistent and are trained to deal with the situation legally and the safest way possible. ...read more.


This helps build royal customers. Dropping numbers of customer complaints and increasing number of customer satisfaction helps the business increase its reputation. This will help the business be competitive with their competitors. This will also help organisation attract new customers. This will eventually lead to more sales and more profit. To keep the loyal customer organisation will have to revise the feedback and keep improving the service provided. By organisation having their own person working with the staff, organisation can easily get update on which of their employers are not faithful. To conclude this coursework, I have explained how important it is to monitor and evaluate the customer service by describing how it can help the organisation and the customer. I have learnt that improving the customer service can attract more customers, which will lead to successful business. ?? ?? ?? ?? Unit2 - M3 Pranav Jadva ...read more.

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