Customer Service in Leisure and Recreation The Importance of Customer Service

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AVCE Leisure and Recreation        Unit 5        Katie Middleton

Customer Service in Leisure and Recreation

The Importance of Customer Service

Increased sales are one of the key ways to tell how well the company is doing. Excellent customer service means customers will buy more and recommend more products and services other people, which will add to the increase in sales.

        While sales are very important to leisure and recreation organisations, another way to measure the success is in terms of customer numbers, which is particularly true for non-profit making organisations.

        Customer service plays a major role in attracting new customers and the main source of this is the powerful influence of word of mouth. Existing customers who are impressed by the customer service at an organisation will tell other people about it. This means that an organisation keeps its existing customers as well as gaining new ones.

        An effective customer service policy is that customers will view the organisation in a positive way. This means the image of the organisation will be enhanced by the standard of customer service.

        Having a good public image is very important for:

  • Attracting new customers
  • Retaining existing customers
  • Reinforcing customer satisfaction
  • Securing repeat business
  • Gaining an edge over the competition

An organisations public image is the mental picture that we have of the

organisation. This can be based on our own experience, what others have told us about it or on what the organisation itself has told us about via its marketing activities such as advertising and public relations.

        Television programmes such as Watchdog also help us for an image in our heads, especially when they start reporting viewer’s complaints. This could have a very bad effect on the organisation.

        Good customer service can also enhance the image of an organisations individual products or services. For example, customers may have a positive image of a sports centre, but also have a positive image of the individual products and services such as the reservations system and changing facilities.

        Good customer service gives an organisation a competitive advantage. If you sell a similar product or service, you gain an edge by offering a better quality service and this gives a greater chance of attracting customers.

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        A pleasant working environment is another benefit of good customer service. If customers receive good customer service, they will respond in a friendly and appreciative manner. Customer satisfaction is extremely important in a business and this means the organisation must meet the needs and expectations of the customers.

        Customer loyalty is very important in a business and good customer service helps reinforce customers loyalty to the organisation with every visit they make. If customers are loyal, they are likely to return and these people are known as repeat customers. This means the customers of the past become the ...

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