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people in organsation

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Business studies coursework By Adam khelifi Pass 1: Job Description: The Customer Support Assistant will report to the Customer Service Manager and provides assistance to other members of the team. After appropriate training, the role will include: o Administration of account applications ( computing skills , accounting skills ) o Telephone support to clients ( helping customers with their enquiries) . o Online support to clients - involving replying to emails within 10 minutes of initial enquiry o Processing client cash deposits and refunds o Resolving client issues o Generate letters for new and prospective customers o Liaison with other departments - dealers, compliances, management o Other general office duties (faxing and printing paper) Required skills & abilities: We are looking for an individual that has prior Customer Support experience. Experience of handling client money and knowledge of money laundering procedures would be of particular benefit. The candidate should preferably be a student with experience of dealing with retail customers. Any experience of financial spread betting would be a bonus. Candidates should have excellent interpersonal skills; ability to work calmly under pressure; a clear and pleasant telephone voice and a friendly, helpful manner. Excellent written English and typing skills also required. Candidates fluent in additional languages will take preference. Personality is key to this job as you will have to work closely within a team. ...read more.


If you download software from our site, the software, including all files, images, contained in or generated by the software, and accompanying data (together, the "Software") are deemed to be licensed to you by McDonald's. Neither title nor intellectual property rights are transferred to you, but remain with McDonald's, who owns full and complete title. You may not resell, decompile, reverse engineer, disassemble, or otherwise convert the Software to a human perceivable form. Merit 1 Writing contracts should be worded clearly to avoid any misunderstanding, also the job description should be easy to follow so the employee can show flexibility in their job role. Terms and conditions of employments are important because it shows the employer and the employee clearly the rights and the responsibilities for each on of the people who work in the organization and to make sure that everything in the environment is safe and fair. Terms and conditions are related to the hours of work e.g. normal hours, overtime, expected out of hours work. for example if the employer asked the employee to do something that is not written in the contract, then the employee will have the right not to do the job because it's not written on the agreement document. Terms and conditions allow the employer to specify an employee's duties and responsibilities so an employee knows exactly what is expected from them. ...read more.


Weaknesses: I am not good at English subject but I am trying really hard to improve at this subject and also I get distracted easily in class. Opportunities: With the good grades I am going to achieve , I am able to do A-levels with high confidence in these four subjects ( Maths , Business Studies , ICT , French ) . Threats: I might get distracted easily by things like hobbies and friends which might stop me from working very hard next year. Long term goals: My long term goal is to be a doctor in the future and I will achieve that by working towards attainting the required grades in college or six forms and also by having good knowledge in science. Short term goals: In the next two months, I will be looking for a summer job to gain experience and also to gain some money to save up for university. About my weaknesses, I will be reading and studying the English subject everyday for at least 1 hour and a half. Also my English teacher will be supporting me and helping me to achieve a high grade in English. Development Experiences: I would like to undergo to develop the areas that I am weak at which are my communications and listening skills. Education and Training: I will be attending English Saturday's school to improve my weaknesses in this area. Also I will be studying four hours everyday to improve my knowledge. ...read more.

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