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Performance efficiency must be monitored constantly, and should be done via work studies. How can we best evaluate this activity in a most objective way?

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Question 1) Performance efficiency must be monitored constantly, and should be done via work studies. How can we best evaluate this activity in a most objective way? Why it is so important to monitor constantly the performance efficiency? Because this efficiency can reduce costs, can increase the productivity in a hotel, can also satisfy more guests needs. That is why we have to monitor this efficiency and we have to try to increase it. But how can we actually do this? There are a lot of ways by which we can evaluate the performance efficiency - through work studies, through guests satisfaction, through our own perception through statistical analyses (percentage of labor/revenue). To evaluate the performance efficiency through guests satisfaction is may one of the best way! Why? Because guests have the inside look for the things that happen in the hotel. They will say if they like the performance in the hotel or not. They can say if the rooms are cleaned well or the chambermaids just pass through the rooms rushing for the next room! Or they can say if the service in the hotel restaurant is not too slow. The managers of the hotel can monitor the efficiency and by their own perceptions. It is not a very good way to measure the efficiency, because every manager has its own perceptions. But in some cases the managerial perceptions can be of much importance for the hotel's efficiency. The statistical analyze is also a good way for evaluating efficiency. This is the most objective way. ...read more.


It is very important to know them all and to know how to use the different agents in order to save time and money and energy. The different manufactures of detergents claim that their gents are the best. But the best way to understand which are the best ones for your hotel, you have to try them. You have to demand samples from the manufacturers and to try them on the premises. The best thing is the cleaning agents to be standardized so that you won't the necessity to choose between the different manufacturers. When you choose a manufacturer it is better to get agents only from it, not to change the producers often. How to select a cleaning agent: 1) it is not always a good decision to choose a cheap one because you can have more problems with the cheap one and you can waste a lot of time and money and at last the cheap agents may occur to be a very expensive one 2) you have to be careful in choosing the agents because a wrong one can damage your equipment or working surface or whatever you clean with it 3) you have to know what is the pH of each cleaning agents and to know for what type of surface is adequate. The different types of cleaning agents are: A. DETERGENTS B. OTHER CLEANING AGENTS AVAILABLE C. SEALS D. FLOOR WAXES E. SOLVENTS F. DISINFECTANTS A) DETERGENTS: - This is material that removes dirt and cleans the objects. There are different types of detergents form - liquid, cake and powder. ...read more.


When I say security I don't mean only the literal meanings of security. The guests should be reassure for the following things: they have to be recognized - when they enter the hotel it is very touchy when the front door man open you the door and say hello sir/madam. It is also very nice if the receptionist use the guests first name. 3) Belongingness - the guests need to see other people and to be seen by others. That's why the hotel should also provide the guests with a place (lobby bar, disco, lounge) where they can meet other people It is also important that the regular guests of a hotel know the staff, which should be kind and with friendly mood. It is of course very difficult in the big hotels, where the staff turnover is great, but in the small family hotels it is possible. 4) Esteem - this is the need to be liked and respected. This need can be satisfied. But it is satisfied mainly in larger hotels and expensive once, because this high standard needs high-cost labor 5) Self-actualization - this is the highest level need. Guests need to improve themselves physically and mentally. And here is the role of the hotel - to provide the guests with all kind of facilities. What about the mental improvement - organizing sightseeing around the city where the hotel is, explain them the local culture, making movie nights with local movies and so on. Reference: 1. Jones, Iris ; Philips, Cynthia - Commercial Housekeeping and Maintenance, Stanley Thornes (publishers) Ltd 2. Abbott, Peter., Lewry, Sue. Front Office - procedures, social skills, yield and management, Butterworth Heinemann, 1 ...read more.

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