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Proposed enterprise activity - Football Tournament

Extracts from this document...


Unit 14 - Team based business activities Football Tournament E1 - Identifying the objectives of the proposed enterprise activity All businesses exist to provide either goods or services to a predetermined custom base. All businesses operate through their different objectives that the business is founded for. However through time these objectives can change or just be built on. There are many different examples that can be used, here are examples of the most basic: - making a profit - increasing sales or market share - surviving - providing services to the community - offering charitable or non-profit services - developing staff skills - producing high-quality products or offering a high-quality service The above objectives may potentially need to be changed, for example, if the end of year finances showed huge losses. If the previous objective was to increase sales and market share, which generally need capital to be invested, then this may change to surviving. After consideration it was agreed upon 3 different objectives in which the activity would have to fulfil to be fully successful. The activity that was chosen to organise was a football tournament. We had hoped to aim the tournament at all years in out school but after further and deeper consideration it was decided that the tournament just to be aimed at the sixth form. This was more practical considering the time we had left and the number of us working on the project. Which incidentally was four people. The objectives that we thought we were aiming for were: - Attract at least 10 teams into the tournament. - Make the tournament an enjoyable occasion for all participants. - Make a reasonable amount of profit for our selves. All those concerned in the organising of the event decided that it was almost essential that we had a substantial amount of teams taking part. This was for several different reasons. ...read more.


Nevertheless during the actual running of the event the two processes were reliant on each other. We could not have the money we'd hoped for unless the amount of teams we needed did register. A1 - Evaluate in detail the success of the enterprise activity and recommend changes necessary to further improve performance The best way to evaluate the success of the enterprise activity is to look at the objectives that we completed and didn't complete then see why we didn't. The first objective that we didn't complete was attracting at least ten teams to the tournament. This was essential, we needed the ten teams to offer us the sound base that we could work around, we also needed the money in order for the rest of the tournament to follow our plans. The failure to meet the required team registration can be put down to many things, at the very beginning we had hoped to be aiming the football tournament at the whole school. This would have undoubtedly offered us the amount of teams that we needed. However because of the restriction of time we would be unable to play host to the number of teams that the whole school would offer us. We naively thought that the sixth form would offer us ten teams easily. After all the time spent on marketing and posters etc we did of course only manage the six teams. If we had thought about it harder and had another chance we could of changed the registration process so that the whole school would be included but the tournament only open to ten teams maximum. Instigating a first come first served process. If we had done this then we would have got our ten teams and not have to worry about dealing with more than ten teams. If we had done this it would have had very positive effects on all our objectives and I have no doubt the event would have been perceived as a huge success. ...read more.


Resources needed for this are: - Pen - Paper - Handed in registration forms Week 6 - The football tournament took place and the resources needed are: - Cones from the PE department - 5-a-side mental goals moved from the bottom field to the top field. - Stop watch - Whistle - Plastic bibs - Football boots - Football Project Managers Week 1 - Their first task was to make arrangements to see the relevant teachers to discuss whether the football tournament would be a suitable event to hold within school hours and in the grounds. The resources they needed were: - Budget/Cash flow forecast (above), this was needed to show the business teachers that every eventuality has been planned for and contingency plans ready if needed. - Market Research, to show the head of the PE department and sixth form that the event will be very popular, it will also show that the event would have by far more positive effects than any negative effects they may think of. Week 2-3 - After the posters were designed with a little help by the project managers , it was now their job to take this to the head of sixth form, or maybe even the school to start negations as to whether and how many they are allowed to put up. The resources needed: - Computer - Internet, to download appropriate useful graphics - Graphic designing software - Posters, to present to the head of sixth form Week 4-5 - It was now the project managers responsibility to make sure that all the captains are aware who they are playing, when they are playing and where they are playing. They will do this by designing the fixture list on computer with all the relevant information. As below, scaled down. It was essential that all captains received this. The resources used were: - Computer - Registration sheets - Ticked off sheets from the finance manager - - - - ?? ?? ?? ?? 1 ...read more.

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