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Report is based on a thorough understanding of how the college is organized and how the various departments in the college function and relate to each other

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BUSINESS AT WORK My name is Sultan Ahmed and I have recently been appointed as General Assistant to the manager of Client Services Department at City and Islington College. Before I start working, my manager wants me to have an inside view of the college. She therefore, asked me to write a report accordingly. The following report is based on a thorough understanding of how the college is organized and how the various departments in the college function and relate to each other. I am also going to look at how everyone works towards achieving the objectives of the college. Type of ownership City and Islington College is a Public Corporation in the Public sector. A Public Sector consists of organisations that are owned by the government. Public sector includes organisations such as the Post Office, the NHS (National Health Service), schools, colleges and so on. The advantages of being a Public corporation are: * It is a non-profit making business * There are no pressures to make profit * There are no shareholder pressures * No financial pressures * It involves helping the local community * More job security for staff The drawbacks of this type of ownership are: * Teachers stress due to extensive working hours and inspection * Jobs in the public sector such as the Police, Doctors and teachers involve the highest stress. The college is mainly run by the governors. There are 20 Governors in City & Islington College all from different areas of the community. The governing body of Candi was formed in September 1992 under the Further and Higher Education Act of 1992. The corporation meets twice every term and has established a number of committees to undertake more detailed work. The committees established are: * Audit * College Governance * Curriculum and Quality * Employment Policy * Finance and General Purposes * Premises * Remuneration and Student Affairs All committees meet at least once a term and a programme of meetings is established each year to allow committees to report directly to the corporation. ...read more.


He also has meetings with the governors every term where the governors monitor the performance of Candi financially through Peter Marsh where Peter explains all the movements and actions that are taking place in the college. Consultative This type of manager consults other managers before making a final decision. This type of management doesn't involve giving power to anyone else. It's all about asking for opinions and making a final decision on the most relevant opinion and the manager himself decides what action to take. The manager in this situation has excellent listening and interpersonal skills. The advantages of this type of management style are: * It motivates employees as the manger consults and asks his staff for their opinions. * Employees feel that they are part of the organisation The disadvantages of Consultative management style are: * Staff may feel exploited * Managers usually take all the credit for the opinions given by others. * De-motivates some employees as they may feel they are not valued The Principal/Acting Principal (Frank McLoughlin) of City & Islington College uses the consultative management. He consults different managers and directors of various departments of Candi to make a final decision. Consultative style is also used in other parts of Candi. For example, teachers consult each other alongside their managers to take certain actions. A very good example would be a case where some students in a particular subject in Candi fell behind in portfolio work and teachers in that case didn't have many options to solve the problem. Hence teachers of those subjects consulted their manager who held a meeting with other senior members of staff along with the teachers to solve the problem. Many opinions were brought forward to solve the problem. One opinion that was particularly very likely to be successful way to solve the problem was put forward in the meeting. But in the end, it was the senior member's decision to go ahead with the solution. ...read more.


For example, if Samsung made new TVs and released them into the market for very reasonable price without any other additional benefits, then the likelihood of selling those TVs in enormous numbers would be very low. But, if Samsung offered added benefits such as '1 Year Warranty', then sales would be higher than selling them without warranty. If it added more value to the sets of television by offering 'Peace of Mind Guarantee', then sales would increase further more and hence customers would also be very satisfied. Since City & Islington College is not a manufacturing firm, it does not have any products to sell or add value to. But, the college provides service to students and the local community. Value can be added in providing services to students and the local community. Students study in City & Islington College to achieve necessary qualifications to work or proceed to higher education in universities. The college's production process includes teaching students throughout their educational term in the college. In Candi, value is added by providing students who want to proceed to higher education with the opportunity to proceed to higher education as City & Islington College has linked up with North London University to provide Candi students the privilege to be able to study in the university. This makes students happy about studying in Candi as they would have the confidence of moving into higher education easily through this college. Some courses in Candi are training based where students or trainees would come to the college to receive training on a particular field. Value is added in this type of course by providing peace of mind to trainees that they would be guaranteed a job placement at the end of the training session if the training is successful. This type of added value is very effective as it attracts more trainees to the college and hence the college would expand more with greater number of students. Sultan Ahmed V00455 Business at Work 1 Prabhakar Tailor ...read more.

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