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Report on Sony Corporation aims and objectives and how they relate a promotional campaign to achieve these aims and objectives and relate the promotion of a particular campaign to the marketing mix.

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Promoting Success Sony By Sacha Coric Contents Introduction Findings For: Mr P.Virdee From: Sacha Coric Date: 11/12/05 Report on Sony Corporation aims and objectives and how they relate a promotional campaign to achieve these aims and objectives and relate the promotion of a particular campaign to the marketing mix. 1.0 Intro 2.0 Findings 2.1 History 2.2 Aims and Objectives 2.3 Promotional Campaigns 3.0 Conclusion Bibliography 2.1 History of Sony Corporation Masaru Ibuka, an engineer, and Akio Morita, a physicist, founded Sony as Tokyo Tsuchin Kogyo in 1946. The company began to take off in 1954, when it obtained a license to produce transistors. The transistor had been invented in the US, but it had not been applied to radios, which were valve driven appliances. Sony made Japan's first transistor in 1954, and the first all-transistor radio. In 1955, the company listed stock on the Tokyo OTC market, and in 1958, changed its name to Sony Corporation. Later that year, the company was listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange. Originally called Tokyo Tsushin Kogyo (Tokyo Telecommunications Engineering Company), Sony's roots go back over half a century to 1946 when it was founded by Masaru Ibuka and Akio Morita Ibuka and Morita realised that they needed a global brand which crossed cultural and language borders in order to expand the business in the US and later Europe. ...read more.


This proportion is referred to as the firm's market share and is calculated as follows: Market Share = Firm's Sales / Total Market Sales Sales may be determined on a value basis (sales price multiplied by volume) or on a unit basis (number of units shipped or number of customers served). While the firm's own sales figures are readily available, total market sales are more difficult to determine. Usually, this information is available from trade associations and market research firms. Reasons to Increase Market Share Market share often is associated with profitability and with this many firms seek to increase their sales relative to competitors. Here are some specific reasons that a firm may seek to increase its market share: * Economies of scale - higher volume can be instrumental in developing a cost advantage. * Sales growth in an industry - when the industry is not growing, the firm still can grow its sales by increasing its market share. * Reputation - market leaders have clout that they can use to their advantage. * Increased bargaining power - a larger player has an advantage in negotiations with suppliers and channel members. Product - the product attributes can be changed to provide more value to the customer, for example, by improving product quality. ...read more.


Over the past couple years Sony have attempted to rebirth the Walkman brand with their MP3 players. But while these look great, sound great and have never-ending batteries, they've had problems with the SonicStage file transfer system, and the instance of Sony on using the awful ATRAC DRM system. This works similar to an iPod in that you select tracks via artist, tracks, album etc. Tracks played sound impressive even when played on a loud speaker. There's no integrated 3.5mm jack for your own headphones, but Sony does include an adapter. This plugs into the bottom of the phone and has a 3.5mm jack at the other end which also supports an integrated microphone so you can use it as a hands free system. Sony also includes a generous 512MB Memory Stick Duo card, PC Cable and some useable headphones making it a very attractive package. They have several campaigns going on at the moment which varies from the PSP Hand held gaming system, The New Bravia LCD television which will have a lot of promotion as it will be released soon and if they want to sell a lot of that specific product then they will need for them to have enough of an advertising campaign that is effective enough for them to sell this sort of product. ?? ?? ?? ?? Unit 3 - Creative Product Promotion Promoting Success ...read more.

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