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Should Employees be able to Strike?

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Should Employees be able to Strike? There are many arguments about whether or not Employees should have the right to industrial action. I have looked at many different sources and have brought my research together into this essay. A reason supporting the point that workers should be allowed to strike is so they can fight against poor safety conditions. For instance, working in the nuclear power industry etc, any breaches of safety can have tragic consequences. Furthermore if the employees are exposed to nuclear material, this could lead to serious illnesses such as cancer, leukemia and even, radiation sickness. Even further in the matter; Radioactive material, such as metals, liquids etc, could affect residents of the surrounding area. Such a breach of safety resulted in the Chernobyl disaster. ...read more.


On the contrary, in reality the only effective option that workers have when their company underpays is to walk out for a protest. This would ensure that the employers would have to negotiate with the employees, as loosing workers is a big downfall for any company. After all these sources suggesting Industrial action should possible action for employees to strike, I think that to take away a person's right to strike would be dangerous and cause chaos in Britain's Society... On the other hand some people would argue that industrial action causes disruption to the general public because of the services that are interrupted, for instance bus and train services. ...read more.


After compiling all of this information and reading through it, I would say that there is no reason why employees should not be able to strike. There are so many reasons in this essay alone that tell of why it is more than right to strike but that it is extremely important to do so if there is danger involved. Furthermore, if conditions got very bad in a working place people would have to strike to stay healthy or even to not be in danger of losing there life! Overall I think you cannot deny that all workers should have the rights to strike. Obviously as Britain is a democratic nation, surely all people's have the right to put forward there arguments in the form of striking. Daniel Wild Sources. I compiled my information from 3 main websites: * www.laborresearch.org * www.pulse24.com/Plugins/ * www.ir-net.co.za ...read more.

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