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The Changing world of Work

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Zunaira Sufi (11E) The Changing world of Work Project WEEK 1 1. Explain the different ways the length of time people stayed in their jobs have changed today since the time of my grandparents. In today's fast-pace society, one is constantly having to change, especially with regard to the jobs one has and the careers one may pursue. The 'Jobs for life' idea is long gone. My grandparents probably started work for one company when they were aged around 15-16, and they would have been more likely to stay with the same company for the rest of their life - until they retired. The majority of people, 'back in the day', tended to stay in one job. They may have progresses in the company (e.g. from assistant manager to manager to managing director). They would have never even thought about the possibility of changing their job, unless they were forced to do so (if they got fired for example). It is presumed that in a person's average working life, they will not change jobs several times, but will also change their line of career. Nowadays, there is no guarantee that one may have a 'job for life', so it is important for the working people in today's society to be prepared for change due to various factors which could be brought up. 2. Task 18.1:- Smith Brothers is a very traditional firm that makes garden furniture by hand. This furniture sells well locally and is always in demand. ...read more.


They want to know that when they take out a load for five years or longer, they will still have a job, enabling them to meet the monthly payments. * Similarly, in mortgage companies, if one of these Delta homes plc temporary employees decide to purchase a home, then the company would want to know if they have a secure job which will enable them to make the payments and if they are employed for more than 1 1/2 years or so. Therefore, many of Delta Homes plc's employees will have a hard time trying to find a mortgage for their home purchase because they may not be employed for long or may get fired any day. WEEK 3 Task 18.7:- An increasing number of employees work from home and keep in contact with the office using a computer and a modem. Write a report on the effects this way of working might have on the employee and the implications for the employer. (Concentrate on any good and bad points for the employer and the employee who might be working from home). Good Points for the employer and the employee who might be working from home:- * There is no need for travelling to work everyday and during rush hours. Both the employer and employee benefit from this because the employer won't need to be accountable for the employee's late arrival into work. ...read more.


This could lead to more unemployment in the company. WEEK 6 1. How has the use of email helped reduced waste? The use of email has reduced the amount of paper that is used in the world, which in turn has reduced the number of trees hat need to be cut down to produce the paper. Also, the energy used to cut down the trees has also been saved, which could have an effect on global warming. This has become of great concern to business, the government and the public in recent years. 2. How has the use of computers reduced waste in industrial processes (making products)? Computers have reduced waste in industrial processes by guaranteeing that each batch of products or materials that will be made would be to the same quality as the last and the one before that. This is due to the decrease in human error. This cuts down on the amount of resources used in the process. 3. What is and why is recycling important in society? Recycling is the re-use or sustainable use of products e.g. paper, glass and steel cans. Recycling is important in society because the huge amount of litter that has been created through the disposal of 'throw-away' materials. These 'throw-away' materials are disposed of in land-fill sites around the world. Eventually, and slowly, we will run out of land-fill sites and so where will the waste go? This can be stopped by preventing the production of such 'throw-away' materials and the promoting or the production of recyclable materials. ...read more.

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