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The Fitness Factory & ImpressionsBoth organisations have good communication between themselves and their customers with the impressions gym doing the essential communication between them and their customers but the fitness factory

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Impressions Huntingdon Leisure Centre St. Peter's Road Huntingdon Cambridgeshire PE29 7DA Phone (01480) 388600 Fax (01480) 388602 huntingdon.leisure@huntsdc.gov.uk Contact: Calvin Impressions, Huntingdon opened to members in January 1996. Since opening, the Fitness Studio has an active membership base of over 2000 and visiting figures approaching 60,000 per annum. Impressions try to cater for everyone's needs whether male or female, in your teens or in your 80's Whether you are starting out on an exercise program for the first time, a regular exerciser looking for the optimum in facilities and customer service. The gym has a wide range of Cardiovascular and Resistance equipment to ensure that all members can achieve their fitness-related. The Fitness Factory California Road Huntingdon Cambridgeshire PE29 1BL Phone (01480) 379100 Fax (01480) 379127 college@huntingdon.ac.uk Contact: Alex The Fitness Factory is the new Gym at Huntingdonshire Regional College it offers all the benefits of belonging to a private club. You can choose from a number of payment methods designed to meet anyone's requirements, ranging from daily charge to annual membership. The Gym has a warm up and stretch area, a range of cardiovascular equipment, resistance equipment, and weights for toning and muscle development. Question 1 Impressions o The impressions gym makes sure their staff has a professional attitude towards their customers. ...read more.


The Fitness Factory The customer service in the Fitness Factory is not as good as it should be because: o The customer service in the fitness factory has no real written policy for customer service they say they use common sense adherence (at discretion) to customer needs I think they are very good they have all the relevant customer needs sort out. o They maybe good but they need some sort of written policy that the staff can read and understand how to deal with any problems, this will be helpful because then all the staff have the same way of dealing with situations. o They sometimes have suggestion boxes they should have these always. o The fitness factory has not got any questionnaires this is probably the only bad thing they have. o And I was double checking on the questions with the other group doing fitness factory and everything was the same except for the one thing they told me they dot have questionnaires and they had answered the other group they always use questionnaires. This reflects bad on them because they must be giving wrong information to one of us and they might do this to their customers. The customer service in he Fitness Factory is good for the following reasons o They deal with customers calmly and politely for example they reply to every complaint by phone (they are said to remain polite unless aggression is shown then they are under no obligation to carry on with the conversation) ...read more.


always gets complaints its time to break the bank account and get new machines. o The gym should also have questionnaires they answered N/A what does this mean they don't feel customers they need to make their facilities better or they don't want to know how the customers feel about the customer service they're getting? Questionnaires would help make their business better. o Why is it they sometimes have suggestion boxes they should always have these. Why do they feel they have to take these away? They need to put these out and encourage their customers to make suggestions. o The fitness factory is located in a nice area at a college so a lot of people would know of it being there. o There isn't a lot of competition around with only about four gyms in a rapidly growing town. o The gym industry gets a lot of customers nowadays because the population is getting more and more cautious weight. So gym industries do bring in quite a lot. o The fitness factory has a good understanding of customer services, and seem to treat their customers very well they deal with all types of complaints whether its by phone, letter or face-to-face. o They're staff are polite, calm and aim to provide a comfortable enjoyable workplace this is also and most importantly shown to their customers. ...read more.

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