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The marketing mix all comes down to the 4 p's. It describes the set of ingredients or controlled variables.

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Marketing Mix The marketing mix all comes down to the 4 p's. It describes the set of ingredients or controlled variables. There are the decisions I must make which will determine the likely commercial success of the products I will be selling. The 4 p's are Product, Price, Promotion and place. Using primary and secondary research I have come up with a marketing mix for my shop. Product Product is one of the most important elements of the marketing mix if not the most important. To make my shop (Monkey Sports) a commercial success I must sell the right products that my customers are going to be interested in. ...read more.


This type of special offer may appeal to a lot of people in my chosen area. I will have to concentrate on selling and having more stock for the most popular manufactures. I will make sure I have a wide range of products to meet the demands of different types of customers. Price I must adopt the pricing strategy for many reasons. I will make sure that my customers are given a sense of value as well as me making a profit. Big sports shops like JJB Sports, JD Sports and Allsports can take advantage of economies of scale by buying in bulk and selling at discount prices, so I will have to have competitive prices in order to survive and compare them to my nearest rivals which is JBB Sports in Edge Lane. ...read more.


I will advertise my shop in the free local news paper which is the Merseymart and also the Echo because most customers will be locals. I will advertise in shop windows and also use flyers which I will distribute in the local area. Place This refers to where my shop will be located which is on West Derby Road in Tuebrook. When handing my questionnaire out to the 50 people, I asked them a separate question in person asking if they would like a sports shop in this area, 45 out of the 50 said yes they would and thought it would be useful. These numbers prove that West Derby would be a great location to set up my business. ...read more.

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