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This report has been written in order to show how successfully the company - 'Boots' is in running its human resources department in order to meet its business objectives.

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Introduction This report has been written in order to show how successfully the company - 'Boots' is in running its human resources department in order to meet its business objectives. The report has been divided into four parts to ensure a comprehensive coverage of Boots has been researched and also to give the report a main structure of the human resources departments. Part 2 will be discussed in depth. Part 1 = Planning Part 2 = Recruitment & Selection Part 3 = Training & Development Part 4 = Performance Management This unit provides an insight into how businesses recruit and manage their human resources. It shows that if businesses are to achieve their objectives, they must plan their human resource function so that they have the right number of employees with the appropriate qualifications and training to meet the needs of the business. Successful human resource management requires that a business takes account of changes in the labour market and employment legislation to keep its employees motivated, to monitor their performance and to help them continuously develop through additional training. What is Human Resource Management? Human resource management includes a variety of activities. There are many key factors for any large organisation to focus on such as the following: ? What staffing needs to have and whether to use independent contractors or hire employees to fill these needs ? Recruiting and training the best employees, ensuring they are high performers ? Dealing with performance issues and ensuring its personnel and management practices conform to various regulations. For the organisation activities also include managing its approach to employee benefits and compensation, employee records and personnel policies. Usually new business owners have to carry out these activities themselves because they can't yet afford part or full-time help. However, they should always ensure that employees have and are aware of personnel policies, which conform to current regulations.


Absence records can be kept for individual employees, groups of employees and the workforce as a whole at Boots. Such detailed statistical analysis enables Boots to keep an eye on where problems lie - with an individual, with a particular section of workers or with Boots as a whole. Comparisons can then be made with other workers and past records (for the individual employee), with other teams/sections (for teams/sections) in the workplace and with comparable organisations. Breaking down the statistics further highlights whether the problem lies with sickness or with unauthorised absence. And by keeping these records for a number of years, it is possible to establish trends. Absences should be measured as a percentage of total time. For example, if an employee from Boots is due to work for 40 hours in the week, but turns up for work for 32 hours only, then his/her absence level is: 8 / 40 X 100 = 20% Accident rates are calculated by recording the number of accidents at work. Boots should have a health and safety committee with the responsibility to: ? Investigate and report on accidents or incidents. ? Examine national health and safety reports and statistics ? Review health and safety audit reports ? Draw up works rules and instructions ? Oversee health and safety training ? Promote and advise on relevant publicity campaigns ? Recommend updates to Boots' safety policy ? Consider and advise on impending legislation. Part of the health and safety committee's responsibilities will be to ensure accurate records are kept of accidents at work. The Reporting of Injuries, Diseases and Dangerous Occurrences Regulations 1985 (RIDDOR) set out that injuries resulting from accidents at work where an employee is incapacitated for three or more days must be reported to the authorities within seven days. Injuries involving fatalities must be notified immediately by the most practical means (e.g. by phone). Listed diseases must also be notified.


The North East is the highest with mines and ship yards going out of business. 7. Qualifications of suitable people in Belfast Derry Belfast NVQ 1 1.5 1.9 NVQ 2 29.8 29.3 NVQ 3 12.7 13.2 NVQ 4 11.4 11.4 NVQ 5 4.2 4.5 No NVQ 40.4 39.7 In the above table shows what percentage of people have the qualifications specified in the chart. The highlighted area shows what qualifications are needed to become an office supervisor. 8. Full-time and part-time pupils in school in the United Kingdom Year Number 1990 900,199 1991 900,260 1992 900,368 1993 900,513 1994 900,571 1995 900,714 1996 900,813 1997 900,905 1998 900,973 1999 1, 000, 019 2000 1, 000, 081 From this table you can see that the number of pupils in school has increased dramatically in the last ten years. This means there should be more young people with qualifications. The number of students in full-time education (all ages) is 1,065 thousand. Below is a chart breaking this figure down into countries. You can see that England has by far the highest number of students in higher education. This is mainly because England has the largest population. The number of students staying on in higher education has increased. This means that there are less young people available in the labour market. This means there will not be as many young people available for the Cumberland to employ. 9. Skills shortages Occupations Carlisle Cumbria Managers & administrators 12.3 11.7 Professional 9.3 9.4 Technical 8.9 8.6 Clerical & secretarial 14.3 12.0 Crafts and related 11.5 16.0 Personal & protective services 11.3 12.0 Sales 9.9 8.9 Plant & machine operatives 11.9 10.6 Others 10.9 10.9 The table above shows the different types of occupations people of Cumbria have/had in 2000. The highlighted area indicates the percentage of Managers and administrators there were/are in Carlisle and Cumbria. This is the area Boots would look into when recruiting an Office supervisor. It is clear that there are skills shortages mainly in Technical and Professional occupations in Cumbria.

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