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Understandin the purpose of providing business and administration support and to know how to operate office systems and equipment

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BTEC First Diploma in Business Providing Business and Administrative Support Introduction: In this assignment I will describe the purpose and types of business and administration support, operate a diary system to support business purposes. I will also demonstrate appropriate telephone techniques using the features of a telephone system and I will also compare and contrast paper and electronic diary system. Task 1 a I have just been pointed as Head of Administration at Brassrail Limited, a cloth retail company. I am responsible for the effective management of the company's support services in order for the business to run smoothly. The business is in the tertiary sector also in the Private sector. Tertiary sector includes every type of business that offers a service to businesses or individuals. Task 1 b,c,d I will now identify and describe some administrative support system used in Brassrail Limited. * Mail management: One key function of the administration department is mail management. The mail system is one of the methods through which organisations obtain and send information. Every day, millions of mails from the post office and courier companies are delivered to business premises while fax and e-mail messages are received. In addition, information is exchanged within, between and among departments, in order to effectively perform this administrative function, it is important that job- holders, who are responsible for this activity, be trained on internal and external mail handling. ...read more.


The telephone system works like this: * First you have to pick the phone and dial the number you want to call and then you must wait till it gives you a dialling ton and then someone will pick the phone at the other end. * Or you can also answer a telephone, when it rings, by picking it up and answer the caller. For example: Me: Hello, you are speaking with Bola Salami, you called Brassrail Limited at the financial department may I help you? Caller: Hello my name is (name) I have some questions...... Me: I'll write to confirm our agreement; you should get the letter next week, if you have any other questions just call us, thank you. Caller: Thank you for your time. Task 3 b There are many features from which you can choose on a standard phone, such as call back; which enables you to recall the person automatically if the line is free. Caller display, shows you the caller number and if have the person in your telephone book it will also show you the name from the caller. Conference call, allows you to speak with more than one people at once, either extension holder or outside callers. Discriminating ringing, allows you to give external calls and internal calls a different ring tone so that you know which is which. ...read more.


The different between the paper-based system and the electronic system is that the paper-based system is a traditional diary system which involves the recording of future events in paper documents, which will be kept for reference for a later date. The electronic system is a diary such as diary or calendar software in your computer and PDAs and electronic appointment system. At this point I want to explain the similar of the paper-based and electronic system are that they both plan activities. The diary systems are used for two main reasons: * To plan and coordinate activities such as business meetings, appointments with customers, training events, dates of sales trips, interviews and many others. * To schedule the use of shared resources, such as a meeting rooms, special equipment or company vehicles. The time slots show who has booked the item and for how long. * Recording of future events which will be kept for reference at a later date The worst problem for anyone who uses an electronic diary is computer failure or data corruption. For this reason, a back-up is usually kept in form of a paper-based-diary. The worst problem with a paper system is that the diary or appointment book goes missing altogether. And another problem is also that if the person is not being able to read a written entry in a paper-based system, finding that some important information about a person is missing. ?? ?? ?? ?? Omobolanle Salami 09/02/2009 Assignment No.1 Unit 6 1 ...read more.

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