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Understanding the Nature of Business Ownership and Purpose

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Understanding the Nature of Business Ownership and Purpose Unilever The main purpose of this business is to understand the relationships between nutrition, hygiene and personal care. By bringing this together they are able to create brands that help you feel good, look good and get more out of life. They are a large Public Limited Company (PLC). Unilever supply goods to a range of brands such as: Knor, Flora, Hellmans, Walls, Lipton, Slimfast, Bertoli etc. Unilever aim to make a profit and their sales in the UK are �900 million. They provide goods at below costs so that ordinary people can afford to buy them fro shops/supermarkets. They have 179000 employees in over 100 countries worldwide and 2000 people working in the UK. ...read more.


Their purpose is to provide a service of treating sick people and keeping people well. It employs 7500 staff and it works through 9 sites. It provides services to around 300 000 local people and for the year ending March 2008, income received was �414.7 million and it had a surplus of 12.8 million. Subway The main purpose of this business is to make a profit by selling fast food products and services. It has 25 000 outlets in 80 different countries, in a number of locations that other franchisors wouldn't consider such as; hospitals, military bases, colleges and universities. This is good for their business because they will be getting more profit because they don't have as many competitors. ...read more.


The company's core affiliated automotive brands include Ford, Lincoln, Mercury, Volvo and Mazda. The company operates as a globally integrated worldwide team, with five key priorities: * Achieve maximum profitability in any environment. * Constantly innovate new products that customers want and value. * Develop environmentally friendly products and processes wherever possible. * Finance our plans and improve balance sheet. * Work together as a global team. As a good global company it's important for Ford Ltd to have a good set of standards by which they can judge themselves. They call them; 'our vision', 'our mission' and 'our values'. 'Our vision': to become the worlds leading company for automotive products and services. 'Our mission': we are globally diverse family, with a proud heritage, that passionately committed to providing outstanding products and services. 'Our values': we do the right thing for our people, our environment and our society, but above all for our customers. ...read more.

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