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What are Human Resources?

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HUMAN RESOURCES What are Human Resources? My business report will be based on Marks and Spencer. In order for Marks and Spencer to be effective and efficient they have to manage their human resources well. Workers that are managed well will be better motivated and happier, more productive and more responsive. Employees that are not well managed will be less likely to show up for work, will be less enthusiastic and less willing to show initiative. In any businesses organisation the most important resource is its people. There is a direct relationship between the quality of the workforce and the success of the business. Marks and Spencer's Marks and Spencer is a public limited company and is one of UK's leading retailers of foods, clothing, home ware and financial services. As well as being a leading retailer Marks and Spencer have a turnover of 8 million, employ 60,000 people worldwide, operate more than 400 stores in 28 countries in which 300 of them are in the UK, and serve 10 million customers every week. The store my report will be based on is located in Pinner, and specialises in Food and Drinks only. E1 - The roles and responsibilities of the Human Resources Department at Marks and Spencer. The role of the human resource function is to get the best possible performance from Marks and Spencer's workforce, through recruitment and training. Because Marks and Spencer is a large sized business, the company will have their own specialist division of employees devoted to staff matters and welfare. The role of the human resources department is to manage the human resources within the business. The main functions of the Human Resources Department * Using people to achieve goals of the firm. * Protecting people. * Motivating people. Other Functions of the Human Resources Department. * Forecasting future manpower and skills needed in the business. * Recruitment and selection to the staff and experience for the job. ...read more.


Planning when and how to advertise The target audience and where the advert will be placed will depend in the nature of the advert. A good advertisement will contain the following information: * Job title * Job description * Organisational activities and marketplace * Location * Salary expectation * Address and contact * Qualifications * Experience * Fringe benefits * Organisational identity The presentation of the advertisement is important for the organisation, as it will give the applicant first impressions of the organisation. The closing date for applications should also be stated in the advertisement. Shortlisting If an employer has received a large number of applications, after advertising for a vacancy, then the employer can choose a handful of the ones who he/she thinks are the most suitable for the job. They can do this by looking at relative strengths of each applicant. Legal and ethical responsibilities relating to equal opportunities Organisations have to operate in an ethical way and have to work within the law. If they do not operate in an ethical way then they will not be popular with stakeholders and employees of the business. All businesses have to comply with the following rules: * The Race Relations Act 1976. * The Sex Discrimination Act 1975. * The Disability discrimination Act 1995. * The Equal Pay Act 1970. The Race Relations Act 1976 (RRA) and the Sex Discrimination Act 1975 (SDA) The RRA and SDA are interrupted in the same way and have a lot of similarities. They deal with three types of discrimination. * Direct discrimination This is when an employee is treated more favourably than other employees, because of their race or sex. * Indirect discrimination This is when all the employees look like they are being treated equally but on the inside they are being discriminated. * Victimisation This is when an employee's employment has been terminated because they have attempted to go by the rights under the RRA or SDA acts. ...read more.


Marks and Spencer see themselves as interacting groups of people enjoying 'supportive relationships' with each other. A3 - Possible areas of conflict within Marks and Spencer Within an organisation as large as Marks and Spencer there is bound to be conflicts that will arise. These conflicts can be overcome as long as the organisation works as a team and together overcome any problems that may occur. There are a large number of possible conflicts that can occur both within the human resources department and with the human resources department and other departments as well. Conflict within the Human Resources department Human resources planning and training and development The conflict that can occur between these two departments could be that the HR planning department might plan to train the employees in a certain way but the training and development department may not agree with this. Human resources planning and recruitment and selection The HR planning department have panned to recruit a set number of people, but the recruitment and selection department might not be able to recruit that many people due to the external labour market. Recruitment and selection and training and development The recruitment and selection department might say that they want to recruit employees that are already trained to save money on training but the training and development may not agree with this and say that they will employ people who have not been trained and train the employees themselves. Conflict between the Human Resources department and other departments Human resources department and the finance department The human resources department may want to develop employees and train them further but the finance department might think that they do not have enough money to spend on developing and training employee's further. The HR department may need to recruit more employees but the finance department may say that they don't have enough money to recruit employees. Priya Patel UNIT 4 -Human Resources 1 ...read more.

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