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Work placement at Family Mosaic.

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Essential information School/College Contact Name: Mr. O' Brien Email: Supervising Tutor: Miss Bevans You're Placement Organisation Placement Organisation: Family Mosaic Learner's department and role: Organisation Address: 20 Tower Bridge Road Southwark London SE1 4TR Organisation placement super visor: Senior housing officer Dates of Placement: From the 7th of July till the 18th Personal targets Set yourself some targets so that you know what you are trying to get out of your time on Work Experience. We have started with six - think of four more of your own and say why you think they are important. My personal target Why it is important 1. Go to work as agreed It will create problems for other people if they are expecting me and I don't turn up. 2. Be on time To do things properly, without any rush and to also be punctual. 3. Work safely In order not to in danger others as well as yourself. 4. Show that I am keen about my work First impressions are very important and to also show that you are serious about your work placement. 5. Get on well and work effectively with other people at work Employees can trust you and rely on your word. 6. Listen and understand what the supervisor is telling you To understand what you are doing and what you have to do. 7. Dress appropriately Your appearance looks tidy and well-dressed for the job. 8. Never argue with a tenant, a tenant is always right You always have to find a solution or solve the problem for the tenant. 9. Work carefully To complete your work effectively without errors. 10. Take responsibility with every task that you are set So you carry out the task to the best of your ability and also responsibly. What are you most looking forward to doing on your work placement? I am looking forward to being in a new type of environment, and to experience the areas of work and also meeting new people. ...read more.


She had, to update that list by putting which housing officer was associated with each property and their hatch code. After she had done that she sent the list back to the ICT department they updated the system where the whole company could view the housing officer for each property, this enabled reception staff to put the correct calls to the correct housing officers, and tenants being given the wrong information. This also prevented calls being delivered to the incorrect housing officers and also housing officer's receiving calls from tenants that had nothing to do with them. By updating the system they were providing a string line service. Without ICT it wouldn't have been possible for Alexandra to update the list. She has also improved her ICT skills as every colleague went on an ICT course to learn how to manage and work the new system that was provided and how they could improve their ICT skills by doing this. As before all staff had very complex jobs as they had to know where all of the paperwork was kept for each tenant and they had to do a lot of filing and only had basic ICT skills but with the training that they were provided with, their skills was updated and their jobs have become much easier for them and work is done quickly. P4 Using the following list from which to select topics, describe 4 different ways in which the use of ICT affects the working environment of the organisation: Ergonomic considerations Health & safety risks Security risks Access to information Home working Communications Home working - ICT affects the working environment of the organisation because it is more efficient, cost effective, delivering a stream lined service and personalised. It has become all of these things as it saves the company money from sending letters and using the phone to call tenants regarding a complaint or to tell them information on their rent for example. ...read more.


Suggested change Benefits Disadvantages The organisation could put more CCTV cameras in dangerous building estates while somebody is watching what is going on in the office. This way, housing officers could get to the bottom of who's doing graffiti in the buildings or the culprit of robberies in the area. It is very expensive placing a lot of CCTV cameras in dangerous areas, also the organisation would have to hire somebody to watch what is going on in the cameras 24/7. A personal alarm system that every officer can carry when they are going to visit a house. The benefits of this are that there would be less of a chance of something happening to housing officers when they visit a house. E.g. verbal or physical abuse. It is extremely expensive to monitor the alarm and also there is no guarantee that all housing officers would use it. Swipe card for tenants to pay their rent. The benefits of this is that if a disabled tenant cannot pay their rent and does not have access to the internet, a housing officer goes to the persons house and the tenant can swipe their card on the machine and pay their rent easily. It doesn't exist yet and even if it did, it would be very expensive to provide. D2. The organisation will constantly be updating their ICT systems. Explain how they can get the maximum benefit from these changes whilst, at the same time, minimising any problems the changes might bring. Maximise benefits of change Minimise negative effects of change When there's a change in the organisation the ICT department update the system so employees know what is going on in the organisation. This prevents employees giving out the wrong information to customers. The ICT department minimise negative effects of change by updating the system after working hours or during the weekend. This causes less hassle in the office as if they try to update the system while other employees are working, most employees would not be able to activate the system or go on the organisation intranet. ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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