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Working In the Leisure and Recreation Industry.

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WORKING IN THE LEISURE AND RECREATION INDUSTRY The leisure and recreation industry is wide ranging, made up of a variety of enterprises of different sizes. As one of the fastest growing sectors of the UK economy, there is a wide range of job opportunities for people with the right skills, knowledge and personal qualities. Range of employment opportunities Seasonal work: Seasonal work is a common feature of the industry and is usually associated with tourism related sectors. So visitor attractions, countryside activities, bar work in resorts all have high levels of seasonal work, with Xmas being the peak time. Major events will also cause for these to be high. Some people chose to move with where the most work is. ...read more.


Unsociable hours: Employees in the leisure industry are at work when other people are having fun. Leisure work involves unsociable hours, working at weekends, bank holidays, evenings and even early mornings. Being able to handle this is an essential part of any employee's makeup. You also need to be flexible with the hours you work and need to be able to change if needed. Most leisure providers work rosters. These are schedules of shifts that allow the facility to be fully staffed. You may work 7 days in a row and then 3 days off. It may come however it is most busy. So you need to be flexible for your employers. Pay: Pay in leisure is low. ...read more.


Finding a job in leisure and recreation: Skills & qualifications: it is possible to work in many areas without any qualifications and work your way up. However this is going to be eroded as more qualification and training is being given. Key Skills: When working in leisure, especially on the public side you need to have: - Good personal presentation - Good interpersonal skills, such as eye contact, clear voice, nice smile - Patience and consideration for your customers - Good time keeping and reliability Whatever type of work you are doing you need to be able to: - Work in a team - Be enthusiastic and positive about your work - Show loyalty - Follow instructions but show initiative - Be cheerful My job I have chosen to look in to is leisure management. I want to look into this because I am a good leader and a team builder. Adam Derrington ...read more.

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