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Eye witness acount of Vesuvius eruption

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By Gemma Jackson Recreate Interpretation of Eruption of Vesuvius, based on Pliny's letters. Dear (name), A.V.C DCCCXXXIII A.D. IX Kalendas Semptembres started the same as any other day. I got up at dawn and got ready for my lessons with my tutor. Mother wants me to learn how to conduct the household; she says that I can marry a wealthy man because I'm from a good family. I insist that when I marry I want to be equally as intelligent as my husband, and I understand how lucky I am to get a proper education. Most of my friends are married and even have had children. Thankfully father is happy for me to remain in his house, and respects my wishes to learn. Everything was as it should be, father was meeting with his clients for the morning salutations and mother was supervising the slaves. The ground was moving more frequently than normal, but we didn't think anything of it, as you know rattling pots and ripples in the water aren't freak occurrences in Pompeii. ...read more.


Only 5 left and the others choose to stay with us. We sat for what seemed like forever. I talked to my slave-girl and our Greek slave for most of the time; they both always seem to have something interesting to say. The pebbles continued to fall outside, and although no one would point it out, it was obvious our roof was weakening. Me and my slave-girl watched out the window as lightening began outside. Mother insisted on praying the whole time to the gods, she repeated the same words over and over again. It happened so suddenly. One moment we were all sitting in the study, the next all I can fell is a crushing wait on top of me. I could hear my father and my slave-girl shouting my name. I tried to call out to them, thankfully they heard my tiny cries and I was pulled from the rubble by my tutor and my father. I didn't even have time to mourn for my mother or the others; I was pulled along by the hand through the streets. ...read more.


The first one headed straight for the countryside and the other, we watched as it destroyed our home, Pompeii. When we landed we were at Misenum. There weren't pebbles falling, however it was still dark. I held on to my slave-girl and my father as the sounds of people crying out to their loved ones and screams was too much to handle. It wasn't until 3 days after the mountain began its terror that daylight returned. Since then I've been staying at Mienum with my aunt, uncle and 2 cousins, along with my father and loyal freedman and woman. There house is much bigger than ours was at Pompeii and I feel quite comfortable. I've had time to mourn for my mother and all the friends I may never see again. Father, along with uncle and some other local men tried a rescue attempt whenever the sun returned. But they said the devastation was too great. I can't see how things could ever be the same again. I have to get used to calling my slave-girl by her name now, which I always forget about and my Greek tutor also. So now you know what happened. I hope that day wasn't as tragic for you. ...read more.

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