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Homer Odyssey XXI

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Homer Odyssey XXI 1st page So he spoke and they were all exceedingly angry, fearing lest he might string the well-polished bow. Antinous reproached him, spoke to him and called him by name. "Ah wretched stranger, you do not have the least amount of sense; Are you not satisfied with the fact that you dine quietly with us noblemen and you do not lack any share of the feast, but you listen to our words and our conversation. No other stranger and beggar listens to our words and our conversation. Honeysweet wine has damaged you, which has also hurt other, whoever takes it greedily and does not drink it in moderation. Wine also infatuated the centaur, famous Eurytion in the house of great-hearted Perithous whilst he was going to visit the Lapiths. When his mind had become infatuated with wine, becoming mad, he did wicked things around the house of Perithous. Anger seized hold of the heroes and having leapt on him, they begin to drag him through the porch to the door, having cut off his ears and nose with a pitiless sword. He, having been infatuated in his mind, he went about carrying his burden of folly in his foolish heart. 2nd page From this time there was a quarrel between centaurs and men, but he being heavy with wine brought evil on himself first. ...read more.


But go into your room, see to your own work there, the loom and the distaff, and order your maidservants to hurry about their work. The bow will be a concern for all men, and especially for me, for mine is the power in this house. Amazed, she went back again to her room, for she stored up the wise speech of her son in her heart. For having gone up to her upper room, she then began to weep for Odysseus, her dear husband, along with her serving women, until bright-eyed Athene, cast sweet sleep over her eyelids. But the goodly swineherd having picked up the curved bow, began to bring it forward, but all the suitors in the hall began to rebuke him and one of the arrogant young men began to speak as follows: "To where are you taking the curved bow, you wretched swineherd and vagabond. The swift hounds, which you used to breed, will soon discover you alone of men amongst your pigs, if Apollo and the other immortal gods are kind to us. 5th page So he spoke, and he [Eumaeus] having been frightened because many men were shouting at him in the hall, bringing the bow forward, placed it on the very ground. ...read more.


He chose a swift arrow which was lying next to him on the table ready for use. The others lay within his hollow quiver, which Archaens were soon going to experience. Having set the arrow notches, from the very place where he was sitting from a chair, and taking straight aim he shot the arrow and did not miss the first axe socket of all the axes, but the bronze weighted arrow went straight through and out the other end. And he spoke to Telemachus: "The stranger who is sitting in your house does not disgrace you, nor did I miss the mark in anyway at all, nor did I toil in anyway for a long time whilst I was stringing the bow. But my strength is still reliable, not as the suitors say insultingly, dishonouring me. Now is the time for a meal to be made in daylight for the Achaeans and then for us to enjoy ourselves in other ways, in dancing and in the lyre. For these are the accompaniments of the feast. He signalled with his eye-brows and Telemachus put his sharp sword around his neck, the dear son of God-like Odysseus, and put his beloved hand around a spear a stood next to him beside his chair, armed in gleaming bronze. Greek Prose Set Text ...read more.

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