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The Odyssey by Homer - The Ramayana by Valmiki - Things Fall Apart by Chinua Achebe

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Over the past few months we have read three stories, with each story based on a separate hero. The first story that we read was The Odyssey by Homer, the hero in this story was Odysseus . The second story was The Ramayana by Valmiki and the main character was Rama. The last story we read was Things Fall Apart which was written by Chinua Achebe and the tragic hero was Okonkwo. They each came from a very different society and had very different life styles. This made each story a different and unique way of telling a heroic story. The characterization of Odysseus, Rama, and Okonkwo proves that these three heroes share a number of similarities, but are also made distinct by the influences of their respective cultures. In the first story the Odyssey, Odysseus is characterized as a clever, brave, and proud hero whose actions, lifestyle, and mind set are all influenced by the Greek culture from which he comes. Odysseus shows how brave he is when he goes off to fight in the Trojan War. ...read more.


He is very dedicated to his family and cultures traditions of staying faithful and loyal. He shows this dedication by testing his wives faithfulness and purity not only once, but twice. In his culture it is not acceptable for your wife to be un-pure, and he must remain true to his culture. When he tests his wife, Sita, he does this as a public affair. This is a very courageous move on his part, to do this to his wife twice. He is also courageous when he goes into the forest for fourteen years of exile when his father ordered him to. He had to give up living in riches and comfort to live in the forest. He does all of this with the love for his father and dedication to him and his culture and society. Okonkwo, throughout the novel Things Fall Apart, is characterized as a hero who possesses a tragic flaw, but whose actions are influenced by the Ibo culture from which he comes. ...read more.


He would have been embarrassed by this and would have thought he failed if the white men would have destroyed him, so he hung himself. This may not have happened if he hadn't been as critical of an unsuccessful man. The characterization of Odysseus, Rama, and Okonkwo proves that these three heroes share a number of similarities, but are also made distinct by the influences of their respective cultures. Odysseus is forced to go off to the Trojan War, and is made stronger on his tough journey home. He is seen as a hero to his society, because he is a clever thinker and is able to get his crew out of bad situations. Rama is influenced by his Indian culture in which he tries very hard to stay dedicated and loyal to his father. Okonkwo's culture influenced him greatly throughout the novel Things Fall Apart, he was so afraid of being seen as weak that he based his entire life around it. All three of these heroes came from different cultures and all had very different lifestyles, this shows how growing up with a certain culture can shape your whole life. Hero Essay ...read more.

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