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Camera is at back of cinema Two rivalry gangs seated on either sides

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Scene One 4.30 pm-Cinemas Camera is at back of cinema Two rivalry gangs seated on either sides of the cinema separated by local civilised citizens seated in the middle of the cinema watching a crucial scene from Die Another Day, which is an epic of one of the James Bond films. The Londoners seated on the right of the cinema and the Mini Triads on the left of the cinema. Everyone is watching the film meanwhile the two gangs are creating a disruption by throwing popcorn and plastic bottles across to each other. In the film that the characters are watching there is an explosion where an animated version of the explosion comes out of the screen, and inside the animation there lays the message "This Is Brought To You By a Warner Brothers Production". Camera is in front of seat facing a member of the Triads Lee is talking to himself Lee: I need something to throw at the stupid fat boy He looks through his popcorn, which is in his lap ...read more.


Slim stops weeping and grab holds of the other boy's bottle because he did not want to throw his. He then in slow motion throws the bottle to the other side. Camera moves to the cinema screen The bottle freezes in mid air and as the drink is pouring out it spells out the name of another actor then it carries on going in slow motion and it misses Lee but hits the jock. The jock stands up and his body language showed that he was not happy. Camera turns towards the doors of the cinema Security guards run through the door all dressed in red. Camera moves to the screen The two gangs are grabbed held of and taken out through the back doors of the cinema. Camera is outside cinema The gangs are thrown out though the entrance doors of the cinema by the security guards meanwhile the jock shouts: Jock: What do you think you are doing (Chinese accent) ...read more.


Bullet Tooth: How bad was it, was it really bad, I mean ain't that serious was it. Jock: well broth my mate nearly got his fingers chopped off, but no big deal Bullet Tooth: NO BIG DEAL, WHO WAS THE TRIAD LOT!!! Jock: Yep Bullet Tooth: don't worry I got the Mafia with us Jock: don't worry I've already taken care of that. While sitting down they both turn their heads across to the Chinese laundry shop. Camera moves in slow motion with the characters and zooms into the shop Postman walks out the Laundry shop and drives off. Meanwhile inside the shop the owner opens the delivered package and BANG!!! The laundry shop blows, windows shatter. Leaving the people burnt black and their clothes torn. Laundry owner: MY LAUDRY MACHINES!!! (shouting) don't worry I'll get them repaired, bloody fools who sent me this. Bullet tooth and his brother both look at each other in shock Bullet Tooth: What have you been doing you've been busy Jock: I didn't know it was gonna be like that I ordered it off the internet and don't tell mum Bullet Tooth: Technology these dayz ...read more.

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