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Customer research.

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Customer research This page will able me to find out the needs and wants of the customer. If I want my caf� to be a success I must find out the customer's preferences. This could be done in various ways such as questionnaires, talking to people face to face, asking groups of people their likes and dislikes and by interviewing either by tape or video recording. After doing this page I have been able to view my customers preferable colour scheme, shop outlook, theme, style, and promotional incentive preferences. This will lead me to having a successful caf�, as I know what will attract the customer. The results from the questionnaire are shown in assorted graphs. They show what the customer liked and disliked. ...read more.


I will also have a ramp to help the special needs clients to help them come in. On my third query most of the market favoured for no design on the window, which is also good as the window will not look cluttered and people can see inside the building. On my fourth enquiry to the target customer's most liked the square paper bag. This is an advantage, as I would have chosen this to as it is spacious and quite a reasonable size so that it will not look too big and not be too small that it cannot carry any food. On my fifth and sixth question what material would you like your food/drink to be contained in for a take-out/drink? ...read more.


Finally most of the people I asked liked the display to have only a few things which I would not have agreed on if the style and theme were different I would have preferred a range but not many items on display but as it is a minimal theme the favoured display show matches with the theme. They also opted to have a price range of �1.50-5.00 Customer profile. I have done this page so that I know who my perfect customer would be. This will also tell me which, customer's I will need to attract to the caf�. The customer profile will be done for both males and females, as the caf� will be unisex as most cafes are. The customer profile will be put together by the information received from the questionnaire. This page has helped me to find out who my perfect customer would be. ...read more.

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