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Design and make a low cost frozen meal for one

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This is a record of the research I have done for my coursework assignment, "Design and make a low cost frozen meal for one." I have visited three major supermarkets in my local area, Tesco, Sainsbury's, and Safeway. They all had entire sections devoted to frozen ready-meals, so there was lots to find out. * Most of these meals cost between �1.50 and �3.00 * There was a wide variety of meals available, including many foreign meals, but very little with fish or some sort of pie. Spaghetti was also rare, although lasagne and other pastas were available. * Most of the meals were quite healthy, many had reduced fat/calories, and a lot were suitable for vegetarians. ...read more.


From my research, I have discovered that "low-cost" for a ready-meal will mean somewhere in the region of �1.50 to �3.00. This should not be too hard to stick to, but I will have to make sure I avoid expensive foods that will push up the cost. I would ideally like my meal to cost below �2.50, which will make it one of the cheaper products on the market. As there are so many different varieties of frozen meals on the market at the moment, finding a gap is quite difficult. Although there are virtually no types of meal that have not been made into a ready-meal format, (everything from roast dinners to curry is available) some foods are under-represented. ...read more.


From the questionnaire I carried out, I found out that the majority of people buy ready-meals often, so I will be certain of a large market. For my two chosen ingredients that are less common, most people said they would buy a product containing fish, and a high percentage said they would buy a pie-related ready-meal. Of the people I asked, most said that their preferred ingredient in a ready-meal was chicken, with pasta and rice also popular. Therefore, my product should try to incorporate at least one of these ingredients. Specification My product must: * Cost under �2.50 * Be "healthy" * Be packaged in plastic and card * Contain a roux sauce or shortcrust pastry if it has a sauce or pastry * Contain an ingredient that is known to appeal to people * Fill a gap in the market * Be a self-contained meal ...read more.

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