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Existing product research

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Jahli Tray Coffee Table Jahli is Indian style furniture. It's size is 110cm X 60cm X 47cm . It is made from sheesham wood; it is a very heavy, hard wood and has a natural rustic look, which in some homes will look very effective. It many features which makes it eye catching, these include old fashioned hinges on the corners of table. These hinges are matching to the handles of the four drawers. These drawers are cleverly designed and made because two of the four drawers have been sized to hold magazines. The other two drawers are the same size as each other and could hold remote controls, or any other bits and bobs. ...read more.


This is also made from sheesham wood like the first table. However this piece of furniture has a different finish to the first, as it has a honey glazed finish giving it that glossy shiny look. This piece has been designed for an old fashioned household, and would look best in a 19th century style living room or somewhere along those time lines. It has no features, but I think that it benefits from this; not practically but visually, because of the simplicity of the design. Bentley Designs Coffee Table Bentley designs are renowned for creating stylish modern furniture, and this piece is no exception. It is 115cm X 60cm X 40cm. It is made from solid American oak. You can realise from the name that solid oak is a heavy, strong and durable wood. ...read more.


Also oak is renowned for being very strong therefore it will be able to withstand a lot of pressure. It doesn't have any special features, which I think works best for this particular table because its simple. This table costs �109. The Star Budget Corona Coffee Table This table has been made with steel in the legs, to add extra stability and strength. It is medium sized because it is 99.6cm X .59.7cm X .45.1cm. It has been designed to be perfectly suited to an old country home. However it may work in newer homes also. It has been manufactured by thick, solid pine, and with the additional strength from the metal rivets, it is very strong and hard wearing. The carved areas on the table give it character and finesse and the drawer makes it very practical. It has been given a pine finish to get the full effect of the wood out. ...read more.

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