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Food requirements during different life stages.

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Food requirements during different life stages Baby's 0 to 6 months In the first year of a baby's life they will grow more than in any other year of their life, growing in length by 50 percent and weight by 300 percent. Breast milk commonly supplies a baby with the required amounts of nutrients, fluids and energy until about 6 months of age. Breast milk is preferred to formula as it contains many protective and immunological factors not found in formulas that benefit the baby's growth and development. Solid foods should be introduced at approximately 6 months of age, but depending on cultural beliefs and/or practices may change this. Wheat based cereal should be the first solid to be introduced, to reduce the risk of allergy to wheat. Fruit and vegetables should be introduced after the cereals, these are important for vitamin and mineral content and to introduce different tastes and textures of foods. ...read more.


Adolescents Proper nutrition during the adolescent years is very important because it needs to provide plenty of energy for growth spurts and changes to the body that they will be experiencing. A good diet during this stage of life can prevent many medical problems, including becoming overweight or obese, developing weak bones and developing diabetes. This will also ensure that the adolescent will grow to their full potential. The best advise on nutrition to keep healthy as an adolescent includes eating a variety of foods, balance the food you eat with physical activity, choose a diet with lots of grain products, vegetables and fruit and choose to eat sugar and salt foods every so often rather than all the time. Pregnant women A pregnant woman should concentrate more on increasing her nutrient intake than her intake of kilojoules. In Australia pregnant women are expected to gain approximately 10kg to 15kg however this depends on the weight of the mother before birth. ...read more.


source of calcium will come from the mothers bones therefore effects on the mothers bone density may be present in later life. Menopausal women In post-menopausal women thinning of the bones is quite common, this is because of hormone related changes. Women going through these stages should increase their calcium intake or in more extreme circumstances a supplement maybe needed from a doctor. The elderly As you get older the less food you need. This is because as you get older you are not as active therefore you use do not use as much energy. But elderly people need lots of nutrients to keep their body as healthy as possible while they are going through changes such as metabolism, chronic disease, social conditions, and medication or medicine intake. The most common reasons for the elderly having poor diets are food is no longer enjoyable because of deteriorating taste and smell, dentures make it difficult to chew some foods, loneliness and depression in elderly cause of loss of appetite. ...read more.

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