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Hardware and Software requirements for the DTP facilities needed.

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Brief from client A client from the GNVQ Sports Catalogue Group has asked me to produce a document of at least 16 camera-ready copy pages. The GNVQ Sports Catalogue Group is a small sized company that are a mail order company. They sell sports goods like shirts, footwear, equipment for different sports, clothes etc. The last catalogue is out of date and they need a new catalogue to keep up to date. The catalogue has to advertise the company's goods and sell them. The client will choose a catalogue to run with to sell the goods. The client wants the following things to be covered in and on the catalogue. The front and back cover has to look professional. An index can be set out in different ways maybe to look for an individual products or products underneath a category. An order from must be put in to the catalogue. In the order form details for the customer to fill in must include name, address, Product ID, Product Name, Quantity, Sub Total, Total. The client stated that 5 orders could only be made on one order form. On the order form also the details that must be include are the company address, phone and fax numbers, postage and package details must be included. The inside pages of the catalogue have to contain the following things. On the pages there must be the name of the product that is being sold on the page where it is noticeable. Also the picture of the product should be on the page. There should be a product description describing what type of product you are selling. This description must include the product ID, product name and price. Other additional things that can be included are like what sizes the product comes in. Hardware and Software requirements for the DTP facilities needed Here I will tell and describe what type of hardware that I need to produce the catalogue. ...read more.


On the left side it has the description of the product. Also it has the description of who designed the products on the page for Habitat. For the product description it has what type of table it is and what features it has. Also for the chairs it says what type of chair it says. Same for the rug and pendent. From these short descriptions it says what pages to go to for a more detailed description. Back Cover The back cover is connected with the front cover as I have explained on page 6. It is just pictures that are taken on the beach and also in a garden atmosphere. There is a picture of a red deck chair near the middle. It says what the product is then the price of it. Underneath this short description it says what pages to see maybe if you want to see related products or more products like the deckchair. They may have put the deck chair on the back cover because it stands out. Also there are a couple of snippets of deck chairs dotted over the back cover. Overall the good points of the catalogue are as follows: - * Very nice page layout throughout * The pictures actually give you a feel of spring and summer * The contents page is very unique as I have never seen a catalogue that has a contents page in alphabetical order * There are addresses at the near the back of the catalogue where you can contact other habitat stores in the UK. With this catalogue I did not find any bad points about it because I thought that it was really good. Accept for the fact that it did not have a contents page and index. Otherwise it was all good. The things that I really liked were the contents page and the way they have done the front and back cover. ...read more.


* I have also put the contact details. This time it will spread out. * I have put a big title on the back cover saying where to find us. This will be in word art in a bright colour so the customer can see it. Weaknesses I have not found any weaknesses with this draft design. Opportunities * The customers will be grateful that the map is on the back and the address so this will help them find their way and how to contact the company. Threats * Competition from other catalogue design companies that are competing to have their design to be used. Page Layout Draft Design 1 Strengths * It has all the details on the page about the product. * You can see the product clearly. * The product description beside the product so it easy for the customer to see what product it is describing. Weaknesses * The descriptions may be longer than others therefore it go beside the next product as the one before is longer. * It just looks simple and plain. * The pictures of the products look small. Opportunities * I feel that my page layout is unique as I have a wordart on it. I have not seen a catalogue use wordart in their catalogue. Threats * The page layout looks like other catalogues page layouts hat I have seen before. Page layout draft design 2 Strengths * I felt that this was a unique page layout Weaknesses * * Opportunities * * Threats * * Order form draft design 1 Strengths * Has all the information needed in an order form. * Have not seen a design of an order form the way I have designed. Weaknesses * All the details looks like that it is to close together. * Most of the order from is in the same font style. Opportunities * * Threats * * Komal Kumari Unit 19 Publishing Candidate No. 7267 - 1 - Centre No. 61245 ...read more.

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