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Task analysis

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Analysis I will be analysing the 5 tasks given in the booklet, in this analysis I will describe the problems given by the school, how I will solve the problem and with what software I will solve the problem. I will analyse the tasks in the order they where placed in the booklet. Task 1 Programme of events This is the first task and this task is to design a programme of events. Problem: The problem is to design a programme of events. The programme has to be a four-page A5 booklet. On the first page there should be the school crest, two photographs of the school, the day and date of the sport day and the title "Sports Day 2002". We have to produce two A4 sheets that we can use as masters for the inside and outside of the programme. On the middle page we need a list of events with the times of the events added. The events will be in order of times and there will only be track events because the field events would have been done earlier. On the back page I will have a half-page advert from this years sports day sponsors `Helmcroft Hall'. The size of the advert can be changed to suit the page layout. There should also be a list of last year's record breakers. ...read more.


The second option I would pursue is Microsoft Access, I could design a database using the list of names given and then I could create a query. It's a lot faster than the filtration in Microsoft Access and the layout is a lot better. The third task is to design instructions. I simply need to go through the stages for designing the recording sheets and database in detail so the user will understand. Task 3 Performance Charts This is the third task, in this task I must create a performance chart (graph) on the points awarded in certain events. Problem: The problem is to design a performance chart which the school wants to put on the walls of the sports hall. The performance chart should compare the total points gained by each house in one event. On the same chart it should show how many points the boys gained and how many points the girls gained in each house. The girls and boys results must be displayed in different colour with a key to show what is what. The title for the performance chart is Results for 100m and the axis should be labelled House and Points awarded. Solution: I must make the performance chart easy to read and understand, with clear numbers showing the results. ...read more.


Problem: The problem is to produce a model that the school can use to predict what are the best prices they should charge for the hot and cold drinks on the sports day. The school does want to make an excessive profit, but it doesn't want to make a loss. The pledge states that hot drinks will be either 55p or 60p and that the cost of a cold drink will not be more than 60p. The drinks have to cover the cost of the day. These are the cost of printing the programmes (�175), the hire of the public address system (�110) and the overtime for the caretaker (�27.50). However the school receives (�80) from the sports day sponsors and (�50) from the ice cream van selling sweets and ice cream but not drinks. The costs to the school to make the drinks are 15p for a hot drink and 25p for a cold drink. The model must consist of results for five weather conditions; hot day, warm day, mild day, cool day and cold day. Solution: I will design several table in Excel each table will have the results for all five weather conditions. I will design several because the others can be used in my testing plan. The best of this tables I will choose and then design a bigger and clear table in Microsoft Word. ...read more.

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