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To make a circuit device that can ensure that an accident and emergency bay is always lit.

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To make a circuit device that can ensure that an accident and emergency bay is always lit. For this device that I am about to make I will need the following components: A power supply A light sensor An inverter A transducer driver A bulb This is what each of the components does 1. Power supply is the most important in this circuit because without the powered the circuit won't work. 2. Light sensor is the sensor that can detect light. 3. An inverter is the unit that does the opposite job of he whole circuit itself. For example if there is no one using the emergency room it will automatically send an electrical signal to switch of. ...read more.


After that the transducer driver will receive the current voltage signals in order to turn in the light bulb or to switch it off. This electronic circuit that I am producing can be considered as a three staged system. First of all there is an input stage, which means it changes something from the outside into an electrical signal. The input that I have used is the power supply as used on the LDR, which means light dependant resistor (also known as light sensor). Next is the processing stage. Which is what makes the electrical signal bigger, smaller or even compare it to the electrical signal. The processing devices that I have used are the inverter and the transducer driver. ...read more.


But when I measured the amount of voltage in the bulb unit, there was some voltage passing through but the bulb didn't turn on, so I realised that the bulb wasn't working, and then I changed the bulb and tried again, by blocking light from the light sensor. Also after making sure that every component on the circuit was working, I reduced the voltage by twisting the rotator potentiometer (controls voltage). I then blocked the light from the light sensor from about 7 inches away and the (l.e.d) didn't work in order to switch on the light bulb, which means I had to cover the light sensor completely to make it work. But when twisting the rotator potentiometer increased the voltage, the sensitivity of the light sensor increased, which means that when I cover it at 7 inches away the bulb will quickly switch on. ...read more.

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