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(2) The complete works of Shakespeare coursework

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The idea of condensing over 100 hours of the plays of William Shakespeare into 100 minutes of pure comedy is considered to be one of the unprecedented feats in the modern world of stage performance. Rapidly spreading throughout the world, this unique concept will undoubtedly thrive for as long Shakespeare's work remain popular. In a action-packed, roller-coaster and breath-taking production, three overly-energetic actors offer an insanely packed yet entertaining version of "the complete works of william shakespeare. Originally conceived as a production for the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, this reworking of Shakespeare's masterpiece for the MTV generation has transformed into one of the world's most entertaining and sensational comedy shows. The absurd lengths which it is has boldly taken in the process of interpretation is why I believe it stands out among so many others plays. ...read more.


Usually, whole phrases and sentences which are deliciously preserved but delivered with pathetic urgency, have effectively become part of the collective consciousness To my great relief, one the most famous and respected soliloquy from 'Hamlet' was delivered successfully ending in tremendous applaud, and at the same time without losing the awe and gravity with which it was originally conceived. The strength of the cast is in their over acting as they happily quote and misquote Shakespeare at breakneck speed. One of the actor's work that I found most significant was Rob Carlton, Berynn Schwerdt and Tim Schwerdt showed off the 'power of three'. They acted as themselves (present day scholar-entertainers) acting out the dizzying range of characters that peoples the bard's whimsy. ...read more.


Supposedly, the original version of the story was a gruesome and gut-churning. However, the way it was performed was comical and hilarious. I simply couldn't help laughing as I watched the poor guy get his throat sliced. But later on, I felt kinda guilty. Another OMG moment was when the cast used and abuse a hapless audience who was dragged reluctantly on to the stage to perform as Ophelia. The embarrassment and humiliation I witnessed on her face was unbelievable! I couldn't help feeling how luck I was for being seated in the middle row instead of the front row. At the same time, I thought the method breaking the fourth wall had a lot of interactive and Brechtian potential that I could use in my own drama coursework. Here's the rough sketch of the stage: The COMPLETE works of SHAKESPEARE coursework ...read more.

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