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Analysis of Scene 2 of Blue Remembered Hills

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Analysis of Scene 2 of Blue Remembered Hills In scene 2, the audience can see a slight change of pace. This is shown through the lack of physical violence in this scene in comparison to the previous scene 1. The pace starts off as fidgety as the two seven year old boys-Peter and Willie- can barely keep still but the pace hardly reaches any faster than this through the rest of the scene. The point in which they are both laughing and giggling uncontrollably is the only real point where the pace picks up a bit. This is when the boys are both laughing about Wallace peeing on a gorse bush due to the fact that he thought it "was on fire". ...read more.


The subject of Donald is quickly followed by a purpose running about and "swooping" around by the two boys to bring up the energy levels. The back and forth conversation about the Dandy and Beano gets quite tedious for Peter and he quickly is distracted by something else more active and exciting. The characters in this scene are still both Willie and Peter and the relationship between the boys familiarly stays the same. In the previous scene, the audience saw that Peter was dominant in the relationship and frequently craved control of it and of Willie, often with physical violence but in this scene, he no longer results to this and uses his words more to cajole Willie into telling him where the jam jars are. ...read more.


The pace is slowed down visibly from Scene 1 as there is not as much playing about and fighting between the two characters. Apart from the stage directions in Scene 1 where it clearly stated if they were moving and what actions they were doing if they were talking, this was no stated in Scene 2, therefore, I have no choice but to assume most if their conversation was given mostly in stationary mode. There was no real change in characters in Scene 2 other than the fact that In scene 1, Peter was triumphant in his method of physical beating to get Willie to give him the apple and in scene 2, Willie was triumphant in his knowledge of information to keep a secret the information about the jam jars but that was only really successful because of the distraction of the squirrel. ...read more.

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