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Antigonie How I would set the first choral movement

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Antigonie How I would set the first choral movement Antigonie is a Greek tragedy written by Sophocles written before or in 442 BC. It is chronologically the third of the three Theban plays but was written first.[1] The play expands on the Theban legend that predated it. Traditionally a play like Antigonie would have been preformed during festivals to thousands of people. Greek plays like this usually contained up too three actors and a large chorus who would narrate all the events and keep the audience up to date. This chorus was usually full of ordinary people from the village. Antigone would have traditionally been preformed in an Amphitheater, with the audience in a semicircle around the performers, who would have acted the play out on a raised platform as well as a smaller area lower down. For this reason if I was staging a performance of Antigonie I would choose to hold it in the round. I would still have a raised platform for the principal actors to perform on, but would position the chorus all around the bottom of this platform. This would work well for two reasons, one because the chorus would be able to interact with the audience and the actors and two because ...read more.


All of the chorus will point their left arms at this figure, and they will remain their until the line "In full panoply came from Argos." Before this line the chorus will remain stationary with their arms pointing at the actor playing Polyneicces. They will chant the lines; "Thou hast turned into headlong flight galloping faster and faster the foe who bearing a snow-white shield." Simultaneously. The part about; "Galloping faster and faster," will call for an increase in the pace of the chanting witch will slow down by the time they reach the point; "bearing a snow white shield." This line will cause the figure of Polyneicces to raise a shield above his head and a spotlight will be shined upon it so that everyone can see the shield. After this the choruses next line is "In full panoply came from Argos." At the start of the line; "in full." The chorus will drop their arms to their sides sharply. At the same time each choral member will turn anticlockwise until they are staring stage right. They will remain gazing at the wall for the next few words "panoply came from." ...read more.


This will happen on the first bit of the line; "with spear." On the second part of the line; "upon spear," the member of group two will mirror the action that their partner from group one has just done. The last line of the section; "And with plumes that swayed on their helmets," Will be chanted by the chorus in a rhythmatical manner. The chorus will still be in the positions that they were in for the line before, so they will say this line to their partners rather then too the audience per say. Greek theater is very complex with the chorus needing allot of choreography so that they are able to really translate the story to the watching audience. The version I would set of Antigone would be very simplistic and I would try to go back to its ancient roots. For this reason I may even set it outside. By a good measure of chorus work, as well as different techniques used, such as costumes, to spread the story and let the audience, who wont know the full story as many of the Greeks watching the play thousands of years ago. I could assure that everyone enjoyed the experience. ...read more.

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