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Blue remembered Hills

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Discuss, in detail, how you would play either Willie or John in the selected scene. You will need to refer to voice, movement, gesture and facial expression, as well as to show how your chosen character responds to others on stage. In scene 6 of 'Blue remembered hills' by Dennis Potter, Samuel French LTD edition, from the start of scene 6 to 'They all laugh', the role of Willie is a key one. The start of this scene shows all the boys attacking, and then brutally killing a squirrel, you can witness the feeling of guilt and horror at their actions, which generously surrounds the young boys, the violence they have caused wasn't initially registered in their young minds until it's too late. This feeling and behaviour can be achieved by the use of shifty expressions and glancing at other characters in the scene, this would create the effect of an anxious group of children, who are waiting for someone to break the awkwardness with a sentence, or an action. ...read more.


I feel that Willie should try to put on a brave act to seem tougher than he is, as if in an attempt to be higher in the children's social hierarchy, in which John and Angela are highest. When Willie says 'Let's have a look, Ray. Come on.' It shows he is trying to show an interest in Raymond, which is a friendly gesture, which I think he does to try and gain a close friend. Subsequent to this, Willie again shows his susceptible side and says 'No -I wish we hadn't -you know...' in which the stage directions say he is upset. I would accentuate this feeling by having my character be shaky and snivelling. These shows the way a young boy would get upset, the juvenile upset could be even more emphasized by actually crying, or causing tears to fall. ...read more.


What will the character do next? The way I picture it, is a group of overexcited boys. Willie, as the nervous character, would be pleased to be able to change the subject, however, he would not know this was happening as his attention would be taken, much like other young children. All in all, a nervous reaction to events would portray Willie as the character he is written as. He was never meant to be overly confident or secure, which would be shown in his rigid movements and nervously outlandish behaviourisms. I would like the scrutiny of the characters childhood behaviour totally absorbing. When my character is playing Willie I want the foreshortened views, the rapid swings from laughter to fear and tears and back again, and the constant lapses into play to be well captured, I want the audience, never, even for a second, to doubt they are watching 'young children', even though they would possibly be played by adults. Charley Wheeler ...read more.

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