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Capital Punishment - Response phase

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Capital Punishment Response phase To start off the topic on "Capital Punishment" we sat in a circle and basically discussed what our opinions was of it. But it was more of a debate than a discussion. However without our knowledge sir had picked two people (Lucia and Sheldon) who were told that they were to start off the debate. This is called "Invisible theatre". Lucia's character was very against capital punishment, her character was very religious. So when other members of the class started to ask each other questions, Lucia always had an answer which was forgiveness and that the person on death row did not deserve to die. Which then made the rest of us more determined to prove our point. And on the other hand Sheldon was quieter than Lucia but he agreed with the death penalty and that made Lucia argue more. I think this type of explorative strategy is very effective to get other people to think more and to say what they are thinking. This strategy was very effective for me because it definitely made me think more and it helped me and many other people to speak our minds. When we did the courtroom scene it was with a larger group of about 13 of us. Giving ourselves our characters was not at all difficult nevertheless when it came to sorting out the plot it was a different story all together. ...read more.


We were told that we were cellmates on death row and we had to build it from there. We decided to be sisters and that we had killed our mother. It is a cold dark small cell with nothing but a dirty toilet on stage right. Alex (centre) and Sandra (stage left) are eating their last meal together; it's two hours before they both die. Sandra: Saying whilst enjoying chewing on pizza We've always loved pizza, with chicken and sweet corn toppings. Especially with the barbeque chicken wings and garlic bread. Alex: staring at the piece of chicken in her hand Yeah, we have Sandra glances over to Alex Sandra: what's wrong? Aren't you hungry? If you don't want your pizza I'll have it. Alex: I can't believe we did what we did, I can't believe we killed our own mother (Pause) I can't believe we are both gonna die soon. Sandra puts her food down and walks over to her. Alex looks up. Alex: (shouting) Look, just take it if you're so hungry. Handing over the plate Sandra takes it, sits next to her and puts it down beside herself, and then she puts her arm around her. Sandra: But that's the good thing Alex: What is? That we killed our mum Sandra: No, I mean yeah, I mean Alex interrupting Alex: then what? ...read more.


But I guess doing this will help is in the future from learning the same mistakes again. A member of the accuser's family visits the victim's family In my group there was 5 of us. We came up with many ideas for the plot and when we decided on the final idea we got straight down to setting up the stage. We decided to locate the scene at a church at the funeral of the victim. Daniel B and me were the victim's parents, Azra was his girlfriend, Peter was the killer and chelsey was his girlfriend. In our scene the victims parents does not know he is their sons killer and when the killer tells the father who he is, the father is very angry and wants to fight him. However the mother interrupts and asks whom the person was but he keeps it away from her he doesn't want her to know who he is. In our performance we used up all the space on the stage, we shared out all the speaking parts so that everyone was equal. The strongest part in our performance was when Peter told Daniel who he was. However what also spoilt this part were members of the audience sniggering and putting them off on stage. But this was another performance that I was proud of everyone worked together as a team and our performance showed so. Page: Bola Awosoji 10EA ...read more.

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