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Choose an actor's performance that was outstandig

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Drama Essays "Choose a production you have seen during your course in which there was one actor's performance that you consider to be outstanding. Discuss in detail the performance of one actor, you will need to give details of at least on particular scene or section and include reference to voice, movement, characterisation and relationships between characters on stage." The actor I have to chosen to write about is Sam McCarthie, who played the character 'Ebenezer Scrooge' in the production 'A Christmas Carol.' The character is a cold-hearted, tight fisted, selfish man who despises Christmas and all things which engender happiness. The play is about Ebenezer, and how he undergoes a profound experience of redemption over the course of Christmas Eve night. ...read more.


When his colleague Bob Cratchit leaves at a late hour to go home on Christmas Eve, he snapped back his answers making himself sound superior and as though Bob was in the wrong, he sounded aggressive. Throughout the first part of the play, up until when his opinions changed and he stopped being so miserly, Sam acted this way. Each answer or command was short and snappy, and he'd square his shoulders making himself not also sound angry and short tempered, but he looked it too. He used the stage well also, he didn't stand in one spot the whole time as people can sometimes forget they're doing, but he moved around, and gesticulated widely, just emphasising how over the top his character was. ...read more.


When the ghosts of Christmas showed him the error of his ways and what he had missed out on, and what was to happen to him - the transformation was amazing. He acted differently entirely. He made his hands clasp together although somewhat nervous and humbled, and when he now spoke to others he did so in an enthusiastic tone. He also used vigorous arm movements and gestures, but this time it didn't make it him look angry, it just added to how much nicer he was, and out to please. He ran around the stage with great enthusiasm, and again used the space well. Overall, I thought Sam's performance was outstanding because he made the character so convincing. Some of the actions he used may have been cheesy, but his weren't, they were just really believable, almost as the character was himself. Hannah Spelman ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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